An Emerald Wooden Watch and How to Style It

I’m so excited to bring y’all this post today with Jord Watches and a giveaway you can enter here!. A watch is one of those pieces I always figured I’d start wearing as an adult. Certainly at this point, I’d hope I’m an adult, and so wearing one makes me feel a bit more pulled together and sophisticated. Like when someone asks me the time, I don’t have to pull out my (sometimes cracked) phone.


Jord Watches makes the most gorgeous, refined, but also hip, wooden watches, and I’m wearing the Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Emerald. As you probably know and have read on here before, I have a busy schedule between work, my side hustle, trying to fit in all my 2018 goals, and so on and so forth. So, staying on time is something I know I need to be better about. I can easily get lost in a project (or on Instagram…) and, before I know it, an hour has passed and I have somewhere to be with not enough time to get there. Wearing a watch is probably not going to transform me into a super punctual person, but I am hoping it helps me stay on task just a bit – and with a watch this lovely, how could I not want to look down at it and check out the time?



So, a wooden watch – it’s a little unconventional, a little unique, a little quirky, which is exactly why I’ve chosen an emerald faced, dark sandalwood, wooden watch. While I could have opted for something more typically timeless, I wanted something that stands out a bit more. I wanted to wear this emerald green as a neutral, particularly through the winter when my wardrobe sometimes needs a shot of color. And, this color isn’t outlandish or bright, it’s a restrained, stunning emerald green that goes beautifully with anything. It holds its own with an elegant slim black turtleneck and leather pants. Wearing a chambray shirt and jeans at home, it’s totally casual. This watch looks unpretentious and versatile paired with anything.



Another thing to think about with watches, is with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a classic watch is the perfect keepsake to gift your partner – and the fact it’s a wooden watch makes it just a bit more unique. Whether you’re shopping for a man or a woman, Jord Watches has stunning minimalist designs that you’ll love for decades. Plus, you can have your timepiece engraved with a message to the recipient – can you think of a more special gift to commemorate a holiday or big occasion than something they’ll wear every day?



Jord Watches are handcrafted watches made from sustainable wood and raw materials to create refined, minimalist watch designs. From Sandalwood to Koa to Ebony to Rosewood to Walnut to Zebrawood, the grains and tones of the woods used in Jord Watches range from the dark, almost black, to crimson to classic brown and variegated. My watch is a dark sandalwood, a wood that ranges in shades and has a straight grain and even texture. You can sort watches by wood type to find your ideal timepiece.

While I opted for a super classic, almost masculine, style of the Frankie made modern with its emerald face, there are so many designs and combinations to choose from. I was torn because I also loved the femininity of the Cassia series and the smaller size of the Frankie 35 series. Also, I picked one with a simple time face, but there are watches available that will help track your day down the the very last second.


Jord Watches was so generous to offer to give one of my readers a $100 off code to use before March 4th. You have until February 18th at 11:59 PM EST to enter. Enter the giveaway here! Which watch will you choose? The Cassia in Walnut and Vintage Rose? The Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke? Or maybe you’ll opt for a Sawyer in Zebrawood and Obsidian for the man in your life. Whichever one you choose, $100 off will go a long way!

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