Travel Guide: Shopping in Frederick, MD

Okay, I know I haven’t shut up about Frederick since I visited earlier this month, but I have one last post from that trip for you. I’ve shared where to eat and drink and where to stay, but today I’m talking all about the adorable shopping district. To be totally honest, I’m not the type of person who just loves shopping as a weekend activity, but when I’m traveling, if there’s a downtown area filled with unique boutiques and shops full of vintage finds, you can guarantee I’m going to want to go in every single one. I love finding pieces with a story, and what better way to do that than on the road?


Downtown Frederick is not only charming because of all of the historic homes and buildings, it’s also a vibrant and bustling shopping district. I can’t remember the last time I was in a city where there were so many amazing storefronts. From antiques to home stores to boutiques to jewelry shops to baby shops to vintage stores, you could spend hours getting lost among colorful wares and treasures. I’m going to highlight just a few of my favorites and then give you a list of some others to check out.



This lively array of colored mason jars that you see above is what first beckoned me into Relish Decor, and once in there, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be possible to register for my wedding here, and to register for the entire store (fact check: it is). You’ll find every kitchen item that you now absolutely need need in here, including a wide variety of cat themed items and the perfect hostess or shower gift.



On my first trip through Frederick in the fall, Adam and I wandered into Industrial Home and immediately wanted everything in there. “This is what we want our apartment to look like,” was Adam’s reaction and I couldn’t tear myself away from the masculine mixed with industrial mixed with mid-century vibes of the furniture. This home store is impeccably merchandised to live up to its name, Industrial Home, while still seeming warm and cozy. It’s an impressive combination. And, as soon as we are in a place we plan on being for a while, this chandelier is coming home with us.




This store is a big part of the reason I now I have a humidifier that diffuses lavender oil in our bedroom. I walked in and immediately was transported to a serene spa where essential oils are used for aromatherapy and and relaxation rather than hawked on Facebook with infographics and one day only deals. If you are into natural healing and creating your own home spa, Anam Cara Apothecary is your place.




Remember the amazing faux fur coat that debuted on the blog last week? Venus on the Half Shell is where I found it! This is one of the most well curated vintage stores I’ve ever been in. There were racks of beautiful, well kept items and I could have easily walked out with an entire vintage wardrobe. The faux fur jackets, tartan skirts, and white sequin clutches were at the top of my radar, but I had to show some restraint (I am saving for a wedding, after all…).

To that sparkly white clutch in the image above, I’ll be back for you.




Where do I even start with the antique stores? There are so many secondhand and antique stores in Frederick, with several concentrated downtown. With just a little digging, you can discover the most amazing finds at super reasonable prices. Emporium Antiques and Great Stuff by Paul are two places to start your antiques search. Feel like venturing a bit outside the city? Go by the Sweet Clover Barn just 15 minutes from downtown.


If these weren’t enough for you, here are a handful of other spots to add to your downtown shopping itinerary:

  • Bailey’s Treasures: I didn’t want to include this with antiques because it’s really furniture refinishing, but I did find a milk glass sugar and creamer set here for just $10.
  • Urban Cottage: A charming gift, accessories and home store. You’ll find a lot of these types of shops in Frederick, but each has its own personality.
  • Fabulous Finds: This is a secondhand store, but not quite vintage. I almost took home a bright turquoise lacquer foo dog lamp for $40, but stopped myself given that I don’t have any room left in my apartment…
  • Kindred: For the ever hip baby or toddler, this is the store. If we decide to have children, you can guarantee that this will be their minimalist aesthetic.
  • Crème de la Crème: You can find a home gift for anyone here. No surprise, I found myself lost in the coffee table books.

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