Weekend Thoughts

Happy Sunday, y’all! It’s a lazy Sunday around our house, which seems like a first. No running off to brunch (well, until early afternoon) and no workout classes. Just lounging, doing a bit of reading, a bit of Ireland planning, and a bit of coffee drinking.


While I get antsy when I have too many weekends in DC in a row, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy everything here. There are always new restaurants and bars to check out, and I know we need to take more advantage of staying put. Friday, we went to the Wydown on H Street, which has the coolest coffee shop vibe turn cocktail bar with live music at night. We did our usual Saturday morning early yoga class followed by the best everything bagel donuts and a fried shrimp bahn mi at Union Market. If you end up at Union Market this week, make sure to check out the pop up art exhibit from Cultural DC. We closed out the afternoon with a friend’s birthday party at Atlas Brew Works, then last night it was a Shaw date night at All-Purpose.


  • I got back into painting (see above) in 2017 and I’m looking to keep it up in 2018. I’ve used a mix of acrylic, watercolor, and oil stick, and while I’d love to venture into oil paints, I’m not sure my tiny apartment is ready for that level of commitment and turpentine.

  • On Thursday, I was tipped off the a custom wedding dress company that’s also budget friendly. I had my first call with them on Friday and will speak with a designer next week. They’re a startup out of San Fran called Anomalie —
    has anyone used them or heard anything about them? I’ll make sure to update y’all next week with what I find out!

  • Speaking of wedding, this morning I started reading The Jewish Wedding Now so that we can start planning out how our ceremony and wedding day will actually look.

  • Yesterday morning I woke up with a terrible migraine, still went to yoga, made it worse, but didn’t want to be down for the count for my entire Saturday. I took some meds, pulled out the accupressure mat I mentioned in this post, laid down on it with an ice pack, and a bit later, I was good to go. 

  • One of my good IRL friends is now in the blog world! Check out Sadie’s travel blog — she does an amazing job of pulling together guides that combine her knack for finding the coolest travel spots with her awesome graphic design skills. The color palettes she creates for each destination are one of my favorite details!


If you’re looking to make this a shopping weekend, there are three incredible sales you absolutely cannot miss! Now’s the time to stock up on winter clothing — and you still have two and half more months to wear it all!



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  1. Amanda Ray
    January 15, 2018 / 8:15 pm

    Just a PSA that I've heard quite a few nightmare stories about Anomalie and dresses not turning out as they were promised! You should check out Floravere – most are above your preferred price point if I remember it correctly but it would be a really cool blog post! Also, Fame and Partners might be worth looking into – they have some beautiful silhouettes each with limited customization options.

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