Writing Down My 2018 Goals

I’ve never been a resolution person, so I love that more and more people are looking at goals and self-improvement rather than simply saying something like, “I am going to lose 5 pounds by February 1.” It’s way more realistic to look at that areas of your life where you want to focus and improve, and set feasible goals to work towards in those areas. Last year, I shared my goals on the blog and this year I’m back at it.


As you may remember, I started a new job in Fall 2017 that had me commuting an hour and fifteen minutes via metro and bus out to North Bethesda every day. It was terrible. I get awful motion sickness and I would arrive at work each day feeling sick, only to have to turn around and do it again at the end of the day. Starting today, I’m working from home and only going on site for big meetings, and I’m SO excited to get 2.5 hours of my day back and no longer face the headaches and nausea that I was dealing with on a a daily basis. This change will be life changing in terms of having more time in my mornings before work to manage all those everyday things that come up and to work on this blog.


This was a big year for me on the blog! I rebranded with my own name, refocused my content a bit, took on lots of new partnerships and sponsors, attended the Create + Cultivate conference, and, in the second half of the year, upped my post frequency. Definitely a successful 2017!

Now, in  2018, I want to continue to deliver intentional and quality content on a regular basis. I’m aiming for 4 posts a week with a good mix of travel, home, and style. The wedding will be a big focus and I have lots of posts in the works for you, with more coming as I get into the nitty gritty of planning. I’m hoping to dive into more travel partnerships and continue to expand my travel guides with more easy weekend trips from DC, but also a good mix of bigger adventures within the US and abroad. I also want to bring more home features to you — I may have a tiny apartment, but I have lots to say on how to decorate, tips, tricks, and ideas!




In 2017 I dropped ClassPass. I had been a member since its first month in DC and absolutely loved the service, but I couldn’t justify it any longer when they dropped their plans down to a max of 10 classes a month. It’s still a great deal at $10ish a class, but if you’re looking for a consistent workout plan, 10 classes doesn’t cut it. I switched (back) over to Barre3, and when I moved this summer, it became even more convenient. It takes me less than a minute to get from my door to the studio. Then, I got a bit off the wagon in November and December between a terrible cold I couldn’t kick, my atrocious commute cutting into both morning and evening workout options, and, well, the holidays. This week, however, I’m back at it and sticking to it. I’m also planning on throwing in yoga a couple times a month.

Last month I bought an accupressure mat because I was having constant headaches and awful neck and back pain. A weekend away sleeping on a firmer bed quickly solved the back and neck pain, and we consequently got rid of our foam topper and both started sleeping better, but I’ve continued to use the accupressure mat just for good measure. Add in a quick Headspace meditation and relaxing is certainly remaining one of my goals in 2018.

Eating healthy…that’s still a tough one for me, though I think that working from home will help because I’ll be able to make healthy breakfasts and lunches without having to haul multiple glass containers to work in my already heavy bag. I’m also going to try to do more overnight oats, chia seed pudding, smoothies, and the like in 2018.


Living in 614 square feet, simplifying isn’t just a nice option, it’s a necessity. So, I’m focusing on really culling through my clothing, toiletries, and belongings this January. I’ve already organized and cleaned out the bathroom, and I woke up early this morning to tackle my dresser. I had a moment where I almost bought this top and then reminded myself that I’m all about minimalism in 2018 and not buying things when I already have something that could serve the same purpose. It’s all about finding a simple look and sticking to it. Look for a link to my future Poshmark account in an upcoming post…

The other upside of simplifying? Saving money! If I’m buying significantly less and selling off some of what I already own, this adds up to savings, which is much needed since we have a wedding in December.


This blog is a huge creative outlet for me, but I also want to keep tackling home projects, painting a bit, and working on my graphic design skills. I want to get through the many, many books I have sitting in my bookcase that I haven’t read. And I want to keep working on upping my photography game.


Of course this will be my biggest goal of 2018! We’re in the 11 month countdown as of today! Just 335 days to go!

So, there you have my 2018 goals. Let’s hold each other accountable and cheers to the new year!


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