Au Revoir 2017 and Welcome 2018!

We closed out 2017 last night with a few friends, and I was just too busy having a great time to pause and photograph the table and festivities. Don’t worry, though, I’ll have my recipes up on the blog this week per the request of a couple of my guests. The food and drinks we made don’t have to stop with NYE, they can be used right on through the rest of winter for any entertaining occasion.


2017 will be a tough year to top, though I have high hopes for 2018. Adam proposed and I said yes. Traveled all over the United States from Boston to Charleston, Minneapolis to Louisville to North Carolina, and everywhere in between. Stamped my passport three times — Costa Rica, France, and Iceland.

Took a few grad classes that expanded my knowledge for both the blog and my career. Started a new job with a creative agency. Grew this little blog and rebranded. Moved to a new neighborhood and continued to explore and appreciate DC’s growing artistic and entrepreneurial scene. Had our tiny apartment in that new neighborhood featured on a major design site.

Celebrated the weddings of several friends and my sister. Saw several of my closest friends become mothers. Started planning our own wedding.

Yes, there’s a lot of negativity swirling around on social media about 2017 at large, but I can’t ignore what a fortunate, eventful, and wonderful year it was.


So, what’s on tap in 2018? Where do I even start?

  • In my immediate future, I’m spending this evening eating leftover wontons from last night and diving into 2018 planning for the blog, as well as putting the finishing touches on a travel post about Richmond, VA.
  • Next weekend, I’m headed to Frederick, MD for an easy weekend getaway in an adorable, historic town. 
  • A couple friends and I are going to Charlottesville in February to watch UVA play Virginia Tech in basketball.
  • In March, I’ll experience Las Vegas for the first time ever…
  • Later in March, Adam and I are traveling to Ireland for a week to do a road trip through the Irish countryside.
  • August brings my first trip out to California and the wedding of one of my closest college friends.
  • In December, we’ll head back down to Charlottesville for our wedding! I’ll be Mrs. Shapiro by the time 2018 wraps up.

Of course, there are also lots of plans yet to be made, including our honeymoon (suggestions welcome). And, tomorrow on the blog, I’ll have a post on my 2018 goals, so stay tuned!


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