Travel Guide: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that a couple weekends ago I took a trip up to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. I was in need of a winter getaway – one that would be an easy two night getaway from DC. Located just over three hours from Washington, Nemacolin was the perfect spot to spend a relaxing and luxurious weekend.


Whether you’re looking for a weekend away with a bit of activity or you literally just want to lounge around and chill out, there’s something for you at Nemacolin. There’s just so much to do that I did a bit of both, so, to save you scrolling through 20 photos at once, I decided to split my recap into two parts. Today I’ll cover the parts that were all about indulgence and relaxation, and then next week I’ll dive into the out and about, active portions of the stay.


We arrived at Nemacolin midday and immediately took off for some winter activities, however the minute I stepped foot in the Chateau King Suite in the Chateau Lafayette, I thought “Okay, I could get used to this…” The style of the room managed to merge opulence with restraint perfectly. It’s glamorous without being over the top – the neutral colors perfectly offset the crystal chandeliers hanging throughout. It’s the type of place that’s luxurious and homey at the same time.

There are several other options for accommodations at Nemacolin. We stayed in the Chateau Lafayette, which is the main building you drive up to when you arrive. Based on the Ritz Carlton in Paris, it’s a gorgeous and grand building filled with crystal chandeliers and classic decor. There’s also the Lodge, which you’ll see in my second post, with its Tudor style, hunting decor, and an extensive art collection. Lastly, and where I’d definitely want to stay last time, is Falling Rock. Falling Rock is a AAA Five Diamond boutique hotel that pays homage to the architecture and interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright. Fittingly, Fallingwater is just 15 minutes up the road.


If you’re in the DC area, Nemacolin is just about three hours away. An easy drive for a two night (or even one night getaway!). It’s about the same distance from Baltimore, a little further from NYC or Philly, and if you’re in Pittsburgh, you’re just an hour away.

Coming from a further spot? Flying into Pittsburgh would probably be easiest, and then you’re just a short drive to Nemacolin. You can find directions from all over the East Coast and Midwest on their website here.


If you’re taking a weekend to decompress at Nemacolin, one of your first stops should be the Woodlands Spa. I spent a morning well into the early afternoon relaxing with the Mystical Massage  – I’d never had a hot stone massage and I’m obsessed now – and then just slowing down and enjoying the blissful ambiance of the spa. From the whirlpool to the sauna to the steam room to just taking a moment to read in the relaxation room with a cup of hot tea, I felt totally chilled out and renewed. I’m not kidding when I ask if I can maybe come back here every week…


One of my favorite things about spending a couple days at Nemacolin? You feel like you’re totally removed from the world and you’re forced to slow down and have fun. To spend your days at a more leisurely pace. Start your day with a morning yoga class. Grab a coffee, take in the fresh air, read the newspaper while enjoying the bright natural light of the tea lounge. Take a walk around the massive grounds and stop to appreciate the art that you’ll find around every corner, both inside and out. Eat some great food. End your day in the speakeasy style cigar bar that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.



I have a confession and I’m sure you hold similar sentiments. When I visit a resort, of any kind, anywhere, my expectations for the food are not high. I expect to eat okay, but not be blown away, and sometimes to be downright disappointed. This was absolutely not the case at Nemacolin. Every single meal we had at Nemacolin was delicious. We had a casual bite après ski at the Apex Lounge (don’t miss the house cut chips and the Mountain sandwich), a delicious late dinner at Autumn on our first night, the most savory burgers and sandwiches ever at the Tavern (get the Southern burger!), and then an unbelievable several hour long marathon meal at Aqueous at Falling Rock on our last night.

I cannot say enough about Aqueous. From the incredible interior featuring Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architecture, soaring windows, and these mid-century chairs that I could not stop lusting after, to the attentive service, to the artfully presented food, course after course, this meal was perhaps the highlight of our entire trip. The steak was cooked to perfection, the lobster bisque was appropriately rich, and the scallops were tender and slightly sweet. If you find yourself at Nemacolin, do not under any circumstances, miss Aqueous. 



Look below. Seriously, is there a better way to end the day then a bubble bath in a giant tub? I can give you an affirmative answer there. No, there definitely is not. The massive marble bathroom is reason enough to stay in the Chateau Lafayette. I’m just wondering how I transform my own bathroom at home into this spa worthy experience.



We visited Nemacolin in the middle of winter and loved the quiet pace, spending an afternoon doing some low key skiing, then coming inside for a cozy evening. So hygge, right? While the snow had just melted before we got there, I can only imagine what a wonderland Nemacolin is for much of the winter season.

The resort’s busiest seasons are spring and summer when people flock to its gorgeous grounds to enjoy all of the outdoor spaces, the pools, and the fresh mountain air. It’s on my list for a return visit in warm weather, but it truly is a four season spot.


Thank you to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for hosting me for this visit! 


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