Taking Care of Your Skin: Fresh Skin Care

Okay, I hate to disappoint right off the bat in a post…but there will be no pictures of me in a face mask for this post. Typically I’m in my Taking Care of Your Skin posts just oh so casually using the products, but unfortunately I took these pictures while I was home alone. So, no pictures of me with the Rose Face Mask slathered all over my face. I know, I know, it’s a travesty.


I wanted to introduce these two Fresh products to you today because they are my go to’s when I want to do a bit of pampering, but I don’t have an hour to exfoliate, do a moisturizing sheet mask, and so on and so forth. Sometimes I need a pampering routine that’s done in 10 minutes but still makes me feel relaxed, refreshed, and like I’ve put a little more effort into myself that day. It’s really all about self care, right?


When my face has been feeling a little dull, I reach for Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish. An exfoliating scrub with brown sugar and strawberry seeds, it’s rough enough to feel like it’s doing it’s job and leaving my skin feeling refreshed, but still fine enough to not feel like my face is being ripped up. Plus, it has moisturizing oil in it that leaves your skin feeling super supple and silky after you rinse away the scrub. I like to apply the face polish, scrub it in circular motions on my face, and then leave it for 5-10 minutes while the ingredients do their job. Then, I jump in the shower, and come out feeling like I have new skin. It’s a quick pick me up that’s easy in the morning when I’m short on time but still need a bit of pampering.


When my face is in need of some serious moisture and calming, Fresh’s Rose Face Mask is my go to. It has a gel consistency with pieces of rose petal throughout, smells amazing, and feels cool and soothing as soon as you put it on your face. Afterwards your skin feels soft, calm, and relaxed. And, it’s another efficient way to squeeze in some self care skincare. It only needs need 5-10 minutes on your face to do its job and then you’re good to go. Plus, this rose face mask is so gentle that you can use it every single day if you feel like.

Another great thing about both of these masks? They’re not terribly priced. For $62 you get 4.4 oz, which will last you a long, long time. Curious about other Fresh products? I love their SPF Lip Treatment and the Brightening line.


While you’ve seen most of my apartment (though not in an official blog house tour beyond the one you saw on Houzz!), but one space you hadn’t seen yet is the bathroom. Well, here it is! We actually have a bizarrely big bathroom considering what a tiny apartment we have – but you won’t find me complaining about that! I love the light gray tile, big white sink, and calming ambiance in there – it’s the best place to relax with a face mask, a candle, and a bubble bath.


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