Spring Is The Best Time For A Fresh Start

The first signs of spring in DC are here – cherry blossoms – and all of the traffic and tourists that come with them. But, those of us who have been here a few years know that the Tidal Basin isn’t the only place to find those pretty puffs of light pink. If you get out and take a stroll around any of the neighborhoods, you’re sure to find a few trees. And, that’s exactly what I did last week when I took these pictures.

All of these gorgeous flowers get me in the mindset of gearing up for a fresh start of the year. January 1 may be when you make your resolutions, but springtime is when I check in and really start gearing up towards productivity in all aspects of my life. Those longer days aren’t as conducive to embracing hygge, so you can’t help but feel more energetic! So, what are a few of the ways I choose to embrace my springtime fresh start?


Walking around your neighborhood when it’s sunny and mild gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings. During the winter it’s hard not to sprint from one place to the next, head down the whole time shielding yourself from the wind, but as soon as that sun comes out, look up and take in your environment. Notice all the unique and quirky architecture around you. Take pictures. Get inspired by people and colors

Outfit note: I’m wearing this fun cobalt bell sleeve coat that I got while I was in Vegas (it’s on major sale!), a striped top, and gold mules. The clutch is a random one – I bought it in the airport last year when I realized during a layover that I had forgotten a purse and needed one immediately after getting to my destination. It was buy something cheap and a bit tacky or pay more than I wanted to but get something that looked like I’d use it again. It’s now one of my absolute favorites.


There’s no getting around it, swimsuit season is around the corner, and as body positive as we may all want to be, we also want to feel our best. So, get out there and get moving! Amp up your workout routine. Add in a morning power walk. Don’t skip that barre class (unless it’s for an outdoor happy hour). Skip the metro and take the longer route to your destination to get in some fresh air and a few more steps.


We may have a tendency to hibernate with the cold weather, but springtime is the time to reconnect with everyone who’s been hiding waiting for the temperatures to climb back up. While a Sunday afternoon in the winter lends itself to curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book, a Sunday afternoon in April is perfect for meeting up with some friends for a rooftop lunch. There are no excuses once sun comes out, so reinvigorate that social calendar and use your free moments as opportunities to catch up and connect.


Yes, spring cleaning, one of my favorite ways to refresh! Pick a closet, pick a dresser, pick a drawer. Wherever you choose to begin, just set aside 20 minutes and start getting rid of stuff. Do you really need two can openers? Have you worn that pair of shoes in the past year? If the answer is no, out it goes! Also, not only will this make you feel lighter and more organized (seriously, stuff weighs you down, even if it’s out of sight!), but you can use this opportunity to make a few bucks. List all your clothes, shoes, and accessories on a site like Poshmark – here’s my closet on the site – and watch the sales come in. Just don’t use those earnings to buy new stuff, you want to create space not fill newly empty space!


One of the best ways to refresh your mindset for spring is to create something. Whether you paint, write, take a pottery class, or walk around your neighborhood with your camera (or iphone!), creating something beautiful makes you step back, observe your surroundings, and appreciate the aesthetic quality of everything around you. Notice every ray of light, every colorful brick, every flower and I promise you’ll feel energized and refreshed for the new season.

Photos by Dana


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