Weekend Thoughts

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekend Thoughts posts, mostly because I haven’t been sitting at my desk, in my home, on a Friday in a while. But, this Friday morning, I was back in my normal routine. Got up, walked, then sat down to blog a big before the workday started. Sometimes it’s just so nice to do those usual daily things


A weekend in DC during peak bloom! We couldn’t have asked for better planning. So, of course we’ll try to get out and see some blooms at some point. Tonight, we’re headed up to Adams Morgan for a double date night with two friends of mine from college. We’re FINALLY trying Tail Up Goat and maybe strolling over to The Line Hotel for a drink afterwards. Tomorrow morning will start with the usual Saturday yoga class, then I’m thinking of checking out the new Blue Bottle Coffee over near Union Market. I’ve heard it’s overpriced but worth every penny…we’ll see. Then, Sunday, I’m planning on having a productive day of blog work to get a head start on the week.


Now, a few posts, articles, and links from around the internet this week to keep you going through your slow spring Friday…

  • The Everygirl does the best career profiles and the former designer of Kinfolk was no exception. I love that they touch on everything that makes up the journey, including family.
  • I generally don’t buy “souvenirs” or much of anything at all when I travel abroad, but I did bring home a bottle of perfume from the Burren Perfumery in Ireland with me. Every time I use the Winter Woods scent it’ll take me back to the stunning Irish landscape.
  • Everyone makes mistakes and says things they shouldn’t, but did so many terrible takes on dating have to make their way past editors and onto the internet this week? The Washington Post should be embarrassed (as should the writer who, while she did issue an apology, didn’t really seem to feel bad about what she said, just that she said it publicly.)
  • I’m trying to add more supplements to my smoothies, so I loved this post from Timeless Taste. Maca powder has been one of my favorite additions – it adds a nutty flavor to my morning coffee banana smoothie! 
  • If you’re looking for an amazing dessert to serve at a dinner party, you need to try this Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse. Adam and I made it for our Passover seder and it was INCREDIBLE. I’m eating leftover mousse as we speak. Word from the wise: make sure you have a mixer because, trust me, whipping egg whites by hand takes a long time.

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