Keeping My Home Feeling Oh So Fresh

Maybe it’s because I work from home and spend way too many hours actually in the apartment. Maybe it’s because we live in just over 600 square feet. Maybe it’s because we have a litter box in the living room. Maybe it’s because the couple that lived in our apartment before us – with their dog and newborn – left it feeling and smelling a little less than clean…and we still deal with that smell coming back on occasion.


Whatever it is, I’m obsessed with trying to keep our home feeling and smelling as fresh as possible at all times. It’s almost become an every morning process for me, once I feel like the apartment is feeling reset for a new day, I’m ready to get to work. Here are a few of my tips for making a small space, or any space, feel its freshest.

  • Light candles, of course. I steer clear of scents that are too sweet or flowery, and instead opt for either linen, spa, or woodsy scents. I’m going for more of a neutral home fragrance rather than perfume. My current favorite? This Woodwick candle. In addition to its calming scent, you can’t beat the sound it makes when it flickers for creating a cozy home.

  • Open windows whenever you get the chance. I get it that 90 degrees and 100% humidity won’t do much for freshening up your space, but if it’s not hot, I’m going to open those windows at least for a bit to let some fresh air in. Even if it’s 15 degrees out, I can handle a couple minutes to air out the place. 

  • Utilize room spray. I’m loving a lavender scent that I just picked up from Giant’s organic line (it’s probably not any better than the non-organic Febreeze, but it cost less, so that’s a win.) It makes our home smell like a spa.

  • On the spa note, I use a homemade eucalyptus mint spray to keep the bathroom smelling luxurious. Use water, vodka, and essential oil in a spray bottle to make the most budget friendly and effective shower spray ever.

  • Okay, I’m letting my inner hippie out here. I love some woo-woo rituals on occasion, and I’m absolutely into saging the apartment on a regular basis. Lighting the sage and letting the smoke flow honestly makes me feel like I’m getting out the bad energy and making our home feel like its getting a fresh, new reset.

And, lastly, two common sense tips that I’d hope you already know, but I figured I’d throw out there, just in case.

  • This would seem to be common sense, but take out the trash regularly, if not every day. I don’t care if it isn’t full, if there’s food trash in the there, it’s getting taken out ASAP.

  • Also, would seem to be common sense, but change the litter box regularly and clean up litter that’s tracked across the floor as soon as you see it. Don’t let these things linger. Similarly, clean up after your pet, don’t let the fur pile up.


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