Taking Care of Your Skin: VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

This spring has been a doozy. From travel to work to side hustling to social obligations, it’s been nonstop. I’ve seriously look forward to the weeknights where I don’t have anything going on and can actually just sit still and take a breath. But, I love packing my schedule full – it’s when I’m my most productive – so I don’t plan on things changing anytime soon. 

Of course that means I’m not always getting a full 8 hours of sleep, and between that, allergies, and staring at a computer screen for way too many hours a day, my eyes aren’t always looking their fresh and perky best


If you’ve followed along with my blog for a while, you know that I’m a huge proponent of face masks. I’ve been sharing my favorites with you for years, and from charcoal masks to sheet masks, I can’t get enough. Anytime I feel like I need a bit of pampering, I pick out a mask and take a few minutes to relax. So, it should be no surprise that now that I’ve realized eye masks are a thing, I’m all in on those, too. And, I’m obsessed with the Oxygen Eye Masks from VII Code. You may remember that I tried out VII Code’s eye cream earlier this year, which I also loved, and today I’m sharing the eye masks with you.

Outfit notes: This top is from J.Crew and is on sale for next to nothing. It didn’t get great reviews because people didn’t like its oversized, cropped style, but I love it paired with leggings. Especially when I’m just hanging around the house and want to be comfy. Plus, the color is so pretty. I paired it with another great sale item from J.Crew – their high rise leggings These are my new ever day staple.


The oxygen eye masks from VII Code are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin around your eyes while you wear them overnight. Yup, you keep them on for 8 hours and let them work their magic. The eye masks use a delicate formula of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, proteins, peptides, and fatty acids to soothe the eye area overnight and leave you feeling and looking rested. I decided to try the eye masks for dark circles as I’m definitely prone to dark circles (I blame it on my fair skin), and I definitely did wake up feeling like the skin around my eyes was calm and supple. It also feels indulgent to wear and eye mask all night – something I always look for in my skin care! It’s all about self care, right?!

Each set of eye masks comes packed individually and you just peel them off the backing and stick them on underneath your eyes like so. I’ll address the sticking in the next section, so just keep on reading for that!


VII Code designed these eye masks to be worn overnight for 8 hours, and, to be honest, I was apprehensive when I first took them out of the package. Would these really stay on all night? They don’t have the soupy consistency that sheet masks do, but aren’t super sticky either, so I seriously had my doubts, especially since I know that I can roll over on my side in my sleep (I’m trying to sleep on my back  – less wrinkles!).

Well, they stayed on all night! Even with my night cream underneath. So, I’m totally a believer in wearing overnight eye masks now. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.


How else do I try to stay bright eyed despite a busy schedule? First off, I do try to fit in 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night no matter what I have going on. It may mean shutting my computer off a bit earlier than I want to, but typically the work can wait until tomorrow. Second, drink lots of water. The best way to battle puffy or dehydrated skin is to hydrate, and, of course, that helps your eyes look their best. Lastly, make sure you don’t have allergies! They can be the biggest culprit of dark circles and you may not even realize their impact extends beyond the usual sneezing.

What are your best tips for staying bright eyed? Are there any eye specific products that you’ve found and absolutely love? I’m all ears!

Thank you to VIIcode for sponsoring this post and to all the wonderful brands that make heatherbien.com possible!


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