How Often And How Should I Clean My Engagement Ring?

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Congratulations, you’re engaged! And you have the most gorgeous engagement ring that you absolutely never want to take off. Maybe you picked it out yourself, maybe your fiancé did it all on his own, but it’s perfect and you’ll want to take the best care of it possible to keep it in pristine shape. Well, that means cleaning it regularly. Yup, you should be cleaning your engagement ring.

Yes, You Do Have to Clean Your Engagement Ring!

I know, I know, we’re not terribly used to cleaning our jewelry. But, it’s time to get in that habit. To prove the point, next time you’re out with a few other engaged friends, check out everyone’s rings and compare. Ask whose ring has been recently cleaned. I guarantee you’ll see a difference right away.

And, those friends that don’t regularly clean their rings will start cleaning them weekly – or at least monthly. This happened when I was home over Christmas and my sister compared her ring to mine. Hers hadn’t been cleaned…ever. Within a minute, we were grabbing some dish soap and a toothbrush for her to clean it ASAP.

How Often Should I Clean My Engagement Ring?

Diamonds need to be clean to sparkle, and they particularly need to be cleaned underneath to brush away dirt and grime that can build up. What’s the point in a gorgeous cut if you can’t even see it beyond all the build up?!

So, I like to clean my every few weeks…or anytime I’ve felt lotion build up under it or accidentally forgotten to take it off while cleaning.


How Often Should I Clean My Engagement Ring?



While getting your ring professionally cleaned is wonderful, and a great idea right before your wedding, cleaning your ring at home is actually super simple and easy. I do it once a week, usually on Fridays when I’m getting ready to go out that evening. I found this article on WeddingWire that breaks down the steps even further than I’m going to do right now, but the general gist is the same.

  • Fill a small dish with lukewarm soapy water. Use a mild dishwashing detergent. Let you ring soak for 30 minutes.
  • After the ring has soaked, use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the stone, as well as underneath the stone. (Note: make sure the drain is closed! You don’t want to call in a plumber to go chasing after your ring!)
  • Gently rinse the ring underneath running water (Note: again, close that drain!).
  • Dry off your ring with an eyeglass cloth. Don’t use anything that could scratch your ring.


Now that your ring is clean, make sure you have all your other ducks in a row in regards to your ring. Make sure you take your ring in to a jeweler for checks up to ensure that the setting remains secure, that the prongs are correctly in place, and that, most of all, the stone isn’t going to fall out. Most jewelers will tell you to have it checked twice a year, but I know that’s not realistic for most of us. I’m going to aim for once a year and I’ll take it when we go to look at wedding bands at some point this summer or fall.

And, while on the topic of making sure the setting stays strong, try to avoid wearing your ring when you’re sleeping (it can catch on bedding!) or doing household chores like washing dishes.

Also, make sure you have insurance on your ring! In most cases, you can add this on to your homeowners policy. Definitely make sure you have this in place before you go anywhere with your ring. Ideally, your fiancé should do this before he even proposes – Adam waited to do this and ended up calling his insurance company from the airport before we took off for Paris.

Well, your ring is clean, safe, and insured, so now it’s on to more fun topics – like what kind of band are you going to get to complement your gorgeous ring?!

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