One Banana Leaf Cotton Shirt, Worn Two Ways


When traveling, who doesn’t want to minimize the amount they’re bringing? I’m definitely a recovering overpacker, but I’ve been working on it this past year, and you may recall that I had my Ireland packing list down to a science. So, I knew that for my Key West trip – a trip I knew would require minimal clothing – that I could dive even further into minimalist packing. One of my favorite tricks? Packing pieces that can do double duty. And this Banana Leaf Cotton Shirt from Jaye’s Studio absolutely fits the bill.


First of all, a banana leaf palm print is one of my all time favorite prints – it’s one of those striking prints that’s as gorgeous on a maxi dress as it is on a sofa. You can’t go wrong with this Palm Beach chic motif. So, I was delighted to bring this Banana Leaf Cotton Shirt to Key West with me. The banana leaf print is perfection, then top it off with some hot pink piping around the edges? It doesn’t get any better. But, like I said, I was looking for pieces to bring with me that could do double duty, and I had to find two ways to style it for my trip…


Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt Cover Up



So, I wore it as a cover up! How adorable is this worn open over a plain black bikini and topped off with this packable straw hat? The shirt is made out of a lightweight, crisp cotton poplin, so with the sleeves casually rolled up and the collar just slightly popped, it gives off a quintessential island vibe. I’m totally covered up enough to go from my hotel room to the pool, and I love that it has a bit of a vintage glamorous air between the Palm Beach inspired print and the “I just don’t care” attitude of wearing it loose and open.


Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt Key West

Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt Straw Hat



But, of course, I also wore this Banana Leaf Cotton Shirt for its intended purpose – as pajamas. It is a sleep shirt, after all. It’s one of those sleep shirts, though, that you’ll want to keep wearing through your morning coffee and beyond…or am I the only one that never wants to change out of cute pajamas?!

And, if you’re as big of a devotee of colorful, fun pajamas as I am, you’ll definitely want to check out Jaye’s Studio’s entire collection of whimsical pajamas. I want the Elephant Parade print, the Monkey print, and the Spot-On, too. I also can’t get enough of the shorts pajama sets. Seriously, can I just have everything?!


Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt Marker Resort

Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt Pajamas

Jayes Studio Banana Leaf Cotton Sleep Shirt PJ's

Thanks to Jaye’s Studio for sending me this adorable Banana Leaf Cotton Poplin Sleep Shirt and thank you to all the brands that makes possible!



  1. June 21, 2018 / 12:04 pm

    Loove this! And that it doubles as PJs and a cover up–definitely love the double duty when it comes to preserving space in our tiny apartments 🙂

  2. June 22, 2018 / 1:38 pm

    Ok this is the CUTEST shirt! I need to order one as soon as possible. Looks perfect for traveling too – easy to fit into a suitcase! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to KW!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

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