How to Find a Florist When You Know Nothing About Flowers


For most of the items on my to-do list for the wedding, I knew what I wanted. I had a vision of the venue, the food, the dress, the details. But, finding a wedding florist? No idea. Sure, there were a few images pinned on my Weddings Pinterest board, but from the first call I had with a florist, I knew I was starting from zero knowledge on the subject.

I had set up phone calls with several florists in the Charlottesville area, assuming I would just tell them, “We’re having a winter wedding and I like evergreen and white flowers.” That would be it, they’d run from there, and I would pick the most budget friendly option.

But, no, florists expect that you’ll have some idea of the exact types of flowers and greenery that you like. If you’re like me, you’re sitting there wondering, “Isn’t that their job?” One would think, but, take it from me, you’ll need to do your research so that you’re prepared to tell the florist what you’re envisioning and what types of flowers you prefer, and so you’re not left reeling in sticker shock when the quote comes back.


First things first, start by searching wedding floral ideas on Pinterest. Look by wedding season, region, venue, etc. Narrow it down to similar weddings to yours to get a sense of what will work for your wedding.

Search wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty for inspiration. You’ll start to see patterns in what you gravitate towards and you’ll get an idea of what you want for your wedding day flower arrangements. For me, I realized that I preferred rounder, tighter bouquets and arrangements that were full of greenery and punctuated with white flowers.




Look at what’s in-season in your area. You may love peonies, but do you want an off-season price tag? Probably not. Regardless of the season, there will be something that’s available more readily and at a lower price – those are the flowers you want to use and they’re the flowers that will look best for your wedding! I mean, who wants to see hydrangeas at a November wedding?


Do some googling and find out what the average cost for flowers is in your area. Just a waning, it’s going to be more expensive than you expect. Flowers are costly, and wedding flowers are even more costly. You may not find exact answers online, but at least your jaw won’t drop when you get a quote for $350 for one bouquet.


Similar to any wedding vendor, there are a few ways to go about finding a wedding florist in your area. The good old google search is a start. Searching on websites like WeddingWire  or The Knot is a more focused way to find wedding-specific florists and to read reviews from other brides. But, you can also look at local wedding Instagram accounts and blogs to find wedding flowers that grab your attention – the florist is likely tagged or credited.


Don’t talk to just one florist and call it a day. Get a few quotes, chat with a few floral designers to see how they’ll take your vision and make it come alive, and learn about their process. I talked to a few florists before finding one whose work I thought seemed like it could fit with my vision and whose quote was in line with our budget.


Well, this has yet to happen, so I’m just going to have to keep you posted. We paid the deposit several months ago on a quote with a rough outline of what we expect on the big day, but no firm decisions have been discussed or made. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my vision successfully becomes a reality!


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