The Three Items You Need This Summer


As I’ve gotten older and nailed down my personal style a bit more, I’ve found there are a few classic pieces that I just can’t be without – these are the pieces that you put on and they make an outfit. They’re timeless, they go with any outfit, and they are absolutely the three items you need this summer.


Since I’m a stickler for sun protection, I tried many times over the years to find a hat that A. didn’t look like I was going to a horse race, B. would stand up to my suitcase, and C. was both tailored and modern at the same time. Well, after many unsuccessful tries, I found the hat. And, honestly, I love it so much that I might also get it in cream… or maybe navy?

My gold Jack Rogers are an item I’ve tried to replace a few times, thinking that I could switch it up and find a different gold sandal, but I always come back to this timeless look. I order a new pair every couple years to keep them looking fresh, and though they’re pricey, I get every penny’s worth out of them since they’re basically the only sandal I wear all summer.

Lastly, I picked up a pair of cheap gold hoops when I was in Las Vegas a few months ago, thinking maybe I’d wear them for nights out on occasion. Well, I’ve worn them constantly – day, night, work, play. They are the most versatile earring I’ve ever owned, and that’s coming from someone who loves a good statement earring.


So, what are the items you need to make it through the summer? I’d love to know the pieces that you reach for again and again, the ones that absolutely make their cost per wear worth it. While I’m not all about that capsule wardrobe life, I do think there’s a lot to be said for investing in fewer, high quality pieces. Isn’t it so much easier to get dressed when you only have one or two options!?




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