What’s In My Workout Bag?


Well, y’all, it’s less than 5 months to our wedding, which means I’m starting to take crack down on my workouts and eating healthy. I re-downloaded My Fitness Pal last week and realized that the guilt of entering in McDonald’s is an incredibly effective way to hold myself accountable. I’m keeping up with my weekday barre routine and trying to hit 10,000 steps a day, even if it means I’m taking a quick walk midday just to get moving.


For me, sticking to a fitness routine means making sure I’m ways ready to squeeze a workout in. Whether I have to figure out a way to go in the morning or at lunchtime, the easiest way to make it happen is to get ready on the go and be able to keep going to the next obligation immediately after. That means having a gym bag that can take me from work to class and back to work (and, yes, this counts even for working from home!).




So, what do I keep in my workout bag to make sure I’m both workout ready and able to get back to the grind immediately after a barre class, a yoga session, or a quick power walk on the treadmill?


  • Neutrogena SPF 100: If my workout involves a power walk outside, I’m definitely applying the SPF. I hate to even be outside for a few minutes without sunscreen!


  • Neutrogena SPF Lip Balm: On the SPF note, don’t forget your lips! Similar to your hands, they’re one of the first spot that’ll show your age since we don’t routinely put SPF on them. I love that this lip balm in Sunny Berry has just a hint of natural color.


  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: I’m totally weird and can’t concentrate on my workout if my lips feel chapped. This may be due to a lip balm addiction more than anything, but, regardless, it’s a must in my workout bag.


  • Caudalie Grape Water: There’s nothing more refreshing than a few spritzes of this grape water. Yes, it’s water, but it leaves your skin feeling incredibly hydrated and dewey.


  • Swell Bottle: I was slow to jump on the Swell bottle train, but now I’m totally on board. My water stays ice cold for an entire day (though hopefully I’m drinking water frequently enough that it never stays in the bottle that long!).


  • Phone and headphones: Because, of course.

What are your musts in your workout bag? Do you have any items that make a huge impact on how well you can incorporate your fitness routine into your everyday life? Let me know in the comments!


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