Checking in on 2018 Healthy Living Goals

Since we’re a month and half into 2018, I thought it might be a good time to start checking in on how I’m doing on my 2018 goals. To be totally honest, I haven’t really revisited my goals post since I wrote it, however, I do write enough down in my planner each day that I’m held accountable for the most part. But, it’s still useful to look back, see what I had planned to do this year, and make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks


When I wrote down my 2018 goals for healthy living, I focused on fitness. Surprisingly, healthier, more conscious eating has actually been the area I’ve probably made the biggest strides in, even though it wasn’t intentional. Adam has been concentrating on eating low carb – taking inspiration from paleo and keto diets – and while I have no desire to do low carb full time, I have been along for the ride most days. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of the recipes we’ve been making from zoodle pho to shrimp curry over broccoli rice. I even posted a healthy take on a chocolate flourless cake yesterday!

Other areas that I’ve been successfully concentrating on? Meditation and using a humidifier every night. Both of these are totally game changers in my overall well being. 




As I mentioned earlier in the post, fitness was what I really wanted to hone in on in 2018. I’ve always been a fairly active person, especially since getting rid of my car, but there’s always room to be more intentional and effective in fitness. So, how have I been doing in 2018 thus far?

  • I’ve been getting up a bit earlier every morning to power walk for 20 to 30 minutes. Once it’s nicer out, I want to take it outside, but for now I’m on the treadmill in my building’s gym walking at a steep incline since we all know that’s best for the booty.
  • In addition to power walking, I walk everywhere I need to go. To the metro, to the grocery store, to meet a friend for brunch. If it’s reasonable to walk, I’m on it.
  • I fit a barre class in every weekday. Whether it’s an early morning class, the lunchtime class, or an evening class, I find a way to make it fit into my day’s schedule. I may not like getting up early to go to barre – and still fitting my power walk in – but if I have something scheduled in the evening, that’s just what I have to do.
  • Every Saturday morning, Adam and I go to an 8:30 AM yoga class. It’s a low key class, but it’s a good active way to get ourselves out of bed early and jump start the weekend.
  • I signed up for ClassPass again! After having a major falling out with ClassPass when they got rid of their unlimited option, and then subsequently got rid of their 20 class option, I’ve found a place for the app in my life again. One of my favorite dance studios joined the app and I’m now doing 3 ballet classes a month there for $35 through ClassPass – major savings from paying $20 for each class through the studio.


I’m also making an effort to be more comfortable on a daily basis. Working from home, I want to look pulled together so that I’m mentally in a work mindset, but I also want to take advantage of being a bit more relaxed – the seamless, wireless bra from Knix is one of those pieces that lets me feel like I’m putting on “real clothes” – not just a sports bra under my clothes – and still allows me to feel totally comfortable and not the least bit restrained. With all this healthy eating and exercise, the most important thing to feel is still body positivity, and Knix bras and underwear are all about feeling good about yourself.

Thank you to Knix for sponsoring this post and encouraging all women to love and take care of their bodies!


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