An Introvert’s Dream: Enjoying a Weekend of Solitude


This past weekend, I had the apartment all to myself. Adam left for a bachelor party on Thursday, which meant three nights with no one to keep me company at home except the cat. And, as many of you who live with roommates or a significant other would likely agree, it’s the best thing ever.


I hate to throw out an old Sex and the City reference, but remember how Carrie loved having her own space and her own apartment so much that she kept it (or was it that she bought it back?) when she and Big moved in together? Or how another episode discussed our secret single girl behaviors that we keep for those nights in by ourselves?

While I’ve gone through my phases of going out every night (thankfully that phase is behind us), I’m definitely a by the book introvert. I love traveling, I love exploring DC, and I prefer to keep my planner booked, but I don’t mind, and often prefer, doing it all by myself.

So, with my weekend spent alone in the apartment, I did what any good introvert would do, I scheduled one dinner out with friends, and otherwise spent the entire time enjoying my own company. Read on below for more about how I enjoy my weekends of solitude.



A few night at home essentials: Grace Bonney’s magazine, In Good Company, and a Voluspa candle.


Perhaps the best part about a weekend to myself is that I can just crank through my side hustle to-do lists without feeling guilty about it. Yes, I’m the weirdo that actually gets pleasure out of working (though it’s hard not to enjoy working when it means writing, designing, and photographing), so it’s wonderful to be able to do that without feeling like I should be going to brunch or planning an afternoon out.

I fill my planner with all the things I’ve been putting off – working on Pinterest images, optimizing my portfolio site for mobile, editing images from a recent trip, painting – and check them off one after the other.

Plus, I have the time to knock out a workout class (or two!) and run an errand that might otherwise get brushed aside in favor of a social obligation. This past weekend, I went to a 9:30 AM yoga class followed by an 11:00 AM barre class. Seriously, how blissful is that? Then, I did a little shopping and ended the day with several hours spent working at a local (and super hip) coffee shop. You can’t beat that kind of introverted day.


Of course, no introverted weekend is complete without a bit of self-care and relaxation. So, I go full-on face mask, manicure, bubble bath, light a few candles – everything that you’d imagine in a stereotypical girl’s night in scene. And it’s absolutely wonderful.


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