6 Podcasts for Your Afternoon Commute

You may be asking, “Why 5 podcasts for your afternoon commute? What about the morning?” Well, the way I see it, different podcasts suit different times of day for me. In the morning, I want to listen to TED Radio Hour, NPR Politics, 1A – something to get me really thinking. Once the workday is over, however, I want something lighter, something that will leave me feeling upbeat, thoughtful, and inspired.


Before I dive into the list, I feel like it’s necessary to address a question that I get asked and that I myself ask of others. How do you discover new (to you) podcasts? Honestly, I look for recommendations from other people! So many of my blogger friends and the blogs I read have done similar posts about their favorite podcasts and I’ve discovered several of those below that way. Watch people’s Insta stories! Often, the accounts I follow will post a screenshot when their listening to a particularly engaging podcast.

Also, it’s not unusual for bloggers to launch podcasts – that’s how I came to both Bad on Paper and Young House Love Has a Podcast, and both are among my favorites now. It’s the best when you realize that you like listening to someone just as much as you liked reading their writing.

Quick outfit note: This sweatshirt from Zella (similar linked) is the best athleisure find. I’ve worn it three times in the past 5 days – on the flight to SFO with black leggings and a jean jacket, under a leather jacket with white jeans and a scarf to explore San Francisco, and this morning with sneakers and a sports bra for a walk around Healdsburg.



So, without further ago, these are the podcasts that I listen to so often that I find myself obsessively checking to see when they’ve released a new episode.


I can’t get enough of this duo out of Washington, DC. Casey Crowe Taylor, a wedding photographer, and Erin Fabio of Local Grit Marketing interview creatives, many of whom are based in the DC area. It’s an inspiring peak into what it takes to go full time with a side hustle and balance it with your own life. A favorite recent episode was with Mallory Shelter, who we already know I’m obsessed with – seriously, her earrings have appeared in an embarrassing amount of my Instagrams.


A few weeks (months?) ago, Grace Atwood did a round up of the most Uplifting Podcasts. I subscribed to almost every single one already, but Girls Gotta Eat was a new one for me. And I’m totally into it. If you love over analyzing relationships, dating, and the like with your friends, you definitely need to tune in to these two hilarious women and their takes on modern dating.


And, speaking of Grace Atwood, she started a podcast with her friend Becca Freeman. So, the premise is that they review young adult novels. I don’t read young adult novels, or any novels for that matter. I’m strictly a non-fiction girl. But, I do love the rapport between these two. It’s like listening to two old friends chat for a while, and that’s enough to keep me coming back every week.Plus, they throw in a non-YA episode on occasion. I loved the beauty edition they did last week.


My feelings on Sophia Amoruso are mixed. She gets a lot of hype for someone who built a business quickly and had it go bankrupt quickly. BUT, I do love the guests she gets on her Girlboss Radio show and I can see how her personality is at the same time both abrupt and charming. She’s also now building quite the podcast empire and her guests, who have included Sarah Jessica Parker, are nothing to scoff at.


Oh, Sherry and John. The most wholesome couple to come out of the blogging world. Just kidding. There are a heck of a lot of wholesome couples in the home blogging sphere. These two were one of the first. Then they published a book, then they stopped blogging, now they have a podcast. And I love following along with these two kind of goofy, kind of self deprecating, totally likeable DIY-ers.


I couldn’t pull together a list of podcast without How I Built This! I can’t imagine there’s anyone left who doesn’t listen to it, but if you somehow are among those who haven’t – start now. If you weren’t feeling inspired before you started listening, you 100% will just a few minutes in. Plus, Guy Raz. He’s just so good.



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