Luggage for Your Next Weekend Getaway: Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag

Quick weekend getaways are my favorite type of trip. No matter how busy your schedule, you can always find a day or too to escape on a short road trip or a fast flight.

But, what kind of luggage do you bring on a weekend getaway? You need something lightweight, efficient, and, most of all, not too big. A day or two away is not when you want to overpack (I’m working on this!), so it’s all about knowing what you need and bringing exactly that (with maybe one extra outfit, because, you never know what might come up!).


For me, whether I pack a suitcase or a travel bag depends on where I’m going and how I’m getting there. If I’m flying, then I definitely want to bring a suitcase––having those wheels is a non-negotiable. However, if I’m driving, then a travel bag feels a little more casual and low key.

Staying in a hotel, I probably want a suitcase. However, if I’m staying at a friend’s house or a bed and breakfast, then I’ll go with the travel bag.


Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag

WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TRAVEL BAG: Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag

This Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag (c/o) is one of my favorites for short weekend trips because it has several of my must-haves in a travel bag. First, It’s lightweight, so I’m not already dealing with a heavy bag before I even put my stuff in it. It has just enough small pockets around the bag to stash my jewelry and accessories.

There’s a bottom pocket to keep your shoes or your laptop and work items separate from the rest of your items. AND there’s a sleeve to attach this to a suitcase if you are bringing this as your carry-on on a longer trip. I’ve linked this Vera Bradley travel bag, along with a few other of their options below (this bag is my 3rd Vera Bradley travel bag and I use all 3 on a regular basis!).


Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag



Again, I want to find the lightest weight option possible! I always opt for a hard shell suitcase as I think they stand up to travel and overhead bins far better than soft-sided suitcases. I look for one side to completely zip up so that I can store my shoes and accessories. Wheels that spin 360 degrees are a must. If you can find a suitcase that will also charge your phone, then that’s an added plus.

While I haven’t tried out Away luggage, the brand seems to have a slew of devotees, and, if I’m going to splurge on luggage, I guarantee it’ll be Away or perhaps the gorgeous bag you’ve probably seen from Delsey. Admittedly, I just buy my luggage from T.J. Maxx or Nordstrom Rack at this point, but, hey, it gets the job done.


Besides for your suitcase or travel bag, what other luggage do you need for a quick weekend getaway?

I typically like to bring a tote that will double as a purse for daytime. It needs to be big enough to hold my camera, along with any other items I need when I’m out and about.

Also, don’t forget toiletry bags that are small enough to hold just the essentials. You don’t need to waste space here!

Packing for a weekend getaway, it’s all about efficiency and ease of travel. You don’t want to spend time packing and unpacking when you’re on a schedule, so make it easy!


Vera Bradley Midtown Travel Bag


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