The Two Best Additions To My Winter Closet: J.Crew Sophie Blazer Review

I’m all about pieces that can multitask — particularly when I’m traveling, so today I have a J.Crew Sophie Blazer review for you, along with my favorite winter boots.

After a cold weekend spent exploring the winter wonderland that is Québec City and then a full day spent in airports delaying with delays, I’m back in DC for 4 days before taking off for warmer weather. I do have several posts planned for you this week including a long-awaited travel guide and another wedding post, but for right now I wanted to pop in and share the 2 best additions to my closet this winter.


This fall and winter have been all about minimizing shopping and focusing on filling in the holes in my closet where a perfectly classic piece can serve as a wardrobe workhorse.


The first item is the J.Crew Sophie Open Front Blazer from J.Crew in Heather Khaki. A tan blazer had been on my wish list for years, but when I saw this piece, I decided to opt for a sweater blazer over a more traditional blazer. This one is just structured enough to feel polished, but is so cozy comfy that I find myself wearing it with everything from a pair of jeans or leggings to a professional dress. It goes with everything and this color is perfect. Also, the bracelet length sleeves make it feel a bit more feminine than your normal blazer. A friend recently told me she bought this in the spring in navy and is similarly obsessed, and the 4.8 average review on J.Crew speaks volumes, so I’m not alone in my praises.


My other must-have item this winter is a pair of black suede boots from Nordstrom! I’d seen a few women wearing tall black suede heeled boots recently and thought they looked so chic, so I knew I wanted to find a pair for myself because there are times when my black cowboy boots just don’t cut it as a timeless black boot option. These are classic, sexy, and polished all at the same time.


j.crew sophie blazer review


Also, I loved how these items came together in this look that reminds me either of Ali McGraw in Love Story (terrible old movie, but her wardrobe was on point) or Sarah Vickers (I actually started following her again when I realized this outfit seemed like something she’d wear…and remembered that I do love her winter images).

You will never go wrong with a timeless tartan, a mini-skirt, tights, a turtleneck, and a camel blazer.


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