How I Find Budget Candles for My Home

Looking for budget candles? I’m spilling my #1 resource.

Like any good millennial, I love scented candles. I’d fill my home with Diptyque and Nest all day long if I could. But, I’m also not about to spend $65 on something that I literally light up in flames.


There’s a candle burning on my desk while I work, my bathroom counter while I get ready, and my coffee table in the evenings. I’m not about to give up that hygge life, but I also can’t afford to spend $50 or more a week just on making sure my space has the scent ambiance (is that thing?!) that I dream of.

So, I’ve taken to hunting down scented candles on a budget. No, I don’t mean stocking up on those $3.99 grocery store glass jars – those burn quickly, barely emit any of their promised scents, and are not even worth pennies. Instead, I scour the shelves of T. J. Maxx to find the best bang for my buck (also, did you know they sell online now?!). The scents are strong, the designs are are chic, and the prices are on point.




9once at the very beginning of the season when the options are endless. Are you into pumpkin? Good, because T. J. Maxx literally has 14 different pumpkin scents by September. Sea Salt Pumpkin is a personal favorite. At this point in the season, prices range from $6.99 for a 40-50 hour burn to $12.99 for a slightly more high-end candle, think Woodwick.

Then, I go again at the end of the season when everything goes on super clearance. Why yes, I’ll take 2 peppermint candles for $2.49 each and a winter fir for $4. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit the sale when it’s an extra percentage off clearance.

Typically, I look for more masculine scents for the common areas of our home – think teakwood, sand and fog, leather, tobacco. In our bathroom, I’ll burn something like lavender or peppermint. Then, in our bedroom, it’s a wild card! Maybe something manly, maybe feminine, depends on the season.

Want to stock up on your own budget scents but can’t make it into a T. J. Maxx? I’ve linked a few here below!



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  1. January 11, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    I love buying candles at TJ, too–they seriously have so many good scents that I always end up getting stuck in the candle aisle for a good 10 min! I should see what’s currently on sale… 😉

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