Packing for the Honeymoon: The White Swimsuit

Okay, so I got really into the whole “bride wears white” thing. I bought into Instagram advertising and convinced myself I needed this coat. This winter white dress has been worn again and again. There was no chance I’d get ready for the wedding in anything but a white robe. I mean, when else do you have an excuse to wear all white, all the time?


So, it’s no surprise that I wanted to wear mostly white for our honeymoon. Fortunately, I’m no stranger to white pieces during the summer, so I had most of what I needed (okay, okay, I had to buy a white romper).

One area where I was lacking in the white department, however, was swimsuits. I had one white-ish printed bikini top, but otherwise, I was coming up 100% empty-handed. Well, let me tell you, it is NOT easy to find white bathing suits. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I ordered no less than 25 white bathing suits before I found 2 that worked for our honeymoon – a one-piece and a bikini. Today, I’m sharing the one-piece with you.


white honeymoon swimsuit - white honeymoon one piece


I wanted a white one-piece swimsuit for our honeymoon because, though the ruffly white bikini I got is adorable(I’ll share that in a post soon!), I thought a one-piece was just a bit more chic, mature, and sophisticated. There’s something so glamorous about a sleek one-piece, particularly one that has an unexpected silhouette like this one. And, while I never did this while in Cartagena, I have multi-tasked one-piece swimsuits as tank tops for an afternoon away from the pool. Just throw on a skirt and you’re good to go.

I found this white one-piece at Nordstrom Rack and these are a few of the tips I learned while searching through dozens of white bathing suits:

  • When in doubt, size up. White is one color that you do not want to be snug.


  • Check the lining! You don’t want a sheer bathing suit…but you also don’t want one that appears tan as soon as it gets wet (I found this with a lot of J.Crew bathing suits – they had a nude hue to them because the lining showed through).


  • White is not somewhere to skimp on quality. Bad sewing, cheap fabrics, they’re all the more apparent when done in white.


  • A silhouette you can get away with in black…may not be so flattering in white. White is unforgiving, so keep that in mind when choosing a style.


white honeymoon swimsuit - white honeymoon one piece
white honeymoon swimsuit - white honeymoon one piece


Since I’ve already told you my harrowing tale of ordering and trying on 25+ white bathing suits, I thought I’d make things easy for you and pull together a few from around the internet. While winter isn’t necessarily the time to find a white bathing suit, there were a few winners online.


white honeymoon swimsuit - white honeymoon one piece


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