Bands Of Gold: Our Etsy Wedding Bands

We ordered Etsy wedding bands, which I cannot recommend enough if you’re looking to save money! My classic gold band was under $100 and is just as nice as something you could pay 10x that amount for at a jeweler. 

One of the items that we put off until the last month of wedding planning was our wedding rings. They’re not something you need to worry about way ahead of time, and, unless you’re doing a custom design, they’re pretty straightforward. Yes, it’s a ring you wear every single day, but most of us are choosing a fairly simple design, so I do think this is an area where you can save a bit, particularly if you turn to Etsy for your wedding bands.


When it came to our wedding rings, both of us had a clear idea of what we wanted. I knew I wanted a diamond and yellow gold band to match my engagement ring and I didn’t want to worry with an infinity band –– who sees the diamonds on the back of your hand anyway? But, I also wanted a plain gold band to use during the wedding ceremony as an unbroken, unadorned metal band. Adam wanted a simple white gold band.

We ended up ordering the simple bands off Etsy and Adam did the diamond band through the same jeweler in Austin that did my engagement ring.

Photos by Lauren Louise Collective


etsy wedding band - etsy wedding ring


While ordering a wedding band off Etsy is certainly the cost-effective way to go, it can also be a gamble. There are SO many options. So, so many. When you search gold wedding band, thousands of sellers come up.

I chose Populent, a seller out of LA, for a few reasons. First, I liked that they were in the United States. I didn’t want to deal with overseas shipping and delays. Second, their shop was set up like a real online shop. As in, they have branding, they have consistent listings, the copy within their listings was coherent and descriptive. Third, they focus on rings. I wanted a seller that this is their specialty. It makes me apprehensive when a seller does too many things.

When it came to choosing our actual rings, I actually misordered the first time for mine. I thought I wanted a flat ring at first –– a little funkier, a little more modern. However, when I paired it with my engagement ring, it just didn’t work. The sellers at Populent were so kind in working with me and let me exchange it for the dome style instead.

What I ended up with was the 2mm Gold Dome Band, which is the ideal size for a thin gold band –– and the same width as my engagement ring. For Adam’s ring, we did the 5 mm White Gold Band. Populent sent a free sizer, which made it super easy to find the right size –– both of us got the correct size on the first try.


etsy wedding band - etsy wedding ring


Not to go overboard, but I’m a big believer that a stack of wedding bands is a great way to start –– who needs to wait for an anniversary? I love the way my stack ended up coming together with the simple gold band layered in between the diamond band and my engagement ring.

However, I also wear both the gold band and the diamond band on their own at times –– the gold band is perfect for traveling abroad or anytime I’m just running errands and the diamond band is a great option when I’m feeling casual but want a little sparkle.


While it’s a bit of a splurge, The Mrs. Box is such a gorgeous keepsake that I would definitely recommend adding to your wedding collection –– or pick it up for a friend for a shower gift! These little velvet boxes are so much better than the standard jeweler box and I absolutely love that you can have them monogrammed.

I went with the Westerly because it seemed to be the most classic bridal blue –– whenever I was choosing a wedding detail, I always defaulted to something blue. A classic blue monogrammed “S” was the perfect finishing touch.


etsy wedding band - etsy wedding ring



  1. Abigail Wilson
    February 6, 2023 / 2:59 pm

    Hi! I was looking at Populent for my fiancé and my wedding bands and was wondering if yours have continued to hold up well?

    • February 6, 2023 / 3:01 pm

      Hi Abigail! Yes, they’ve held up beautifully and I’ve even ordered a signet ring from Populent since. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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