So, Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?

For years, I went to the eye doctor every year or every few years hoping that this would be the year I would actually need to get glasses. Fake glasses weren’t going to cut it—those are such a fraud, right?! I wanted real glasses that could make me look equal parts intellectual, artsy, and hip.

Of course, I realize now that I should be thankful for my better than 20/20 vision. But, the advent of blue light glasses as a thing certainly helps dampen the blow of being told I still don’t need glasses. There’s finally a reason for people like me to join the ranks of the uber-cool glasses wearers.


Okay, what do blue light glasses actually do? Well, whether you’re someone who’s sitting at a computer 9 hours a day or someone who spends a bit too much time on their laptop in their downtime, you could be exposing your eyes to more blue light than is optimally healthy. Some blue light is fine—it’s a naturally occurring type of light that isn’t inherently bad for you.

However, now that we’re spending more hours than not staring at glowing screens, it’s something that we need to be aware of—particularly because some studies have shown that it can have deteriorating and harmful effects in the long term.

Blue light glasses are designed to help block some of the blue light that you’re exposed to via screens, which not only helps in reducing the effects of blue light on your eyes, but it can help with headaches, digital eye strain, and sleep patterns (I’m sure you’re aware that using screens close to bedtime can wreak havoc on your body’s natural rhythms!).

Plus, as I stated above, blue light glasses give me an excuse to wear glasses on a daily basis—it’s all about looking the creative part, right?


pixel eyewear - blue light blocking glasses


My first pair of blue light blocking glasses was a cheap pair that I found on Amazon—I was aiming for that roundish, tortoiseshell look and that’s what I found. These are perfect for an entry-level pair to dip your toes in the pond of blue-light blocking.

The second pair of blue light blocking glasses that I received was sent to me thanks to Pixel and I’m obsessed. I chose the clear Omni frames, which you’ll see me wearing in these images. This pair feels well-made, solid, and I absolutely love the style. These are the hipster frames that my glasses dreams were made of.


So, do blue light glasses actually work? Do a little googling and you’ll find there’s no true consensus, however many people have written about their own experiences. For me, they absolutely reduced the headaches and tired, achy eyes that I often found striking late in the afternoon after a day full of staring at words on a computer screen.

The biggest positive, however, was that they made me more intentional about the time that I was spending on a computer or on my phone. If I had to think about putting the glasses on, it made me more aware of what I was doing and how that could impact my overall health.


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  1. May 1, 2019 / 5:28 am

    I got my first pair a month or two ago and LOVE them! I have four computer monitors in the radio studio that I’m in front of for 6-7 hours a day, and I was started to get headaches in the early morning which weren’t fun. My blue light glasses make a world of difference!

    xoxo A

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