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You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted about how I’m now focusing my side hustle energy on my content writing and copywriting business, as well as on freelance writing. I write personal essays for a few different sites, and, recently, I added The Everygirl to the lineup. If you’re not already following The Everygirl (you should be!), they put out an awesome array of articles and essays covering everything from personal development to style to relationships to money to home—anything under the sun that could apply to the millennial woman’s life. If millennial lifestyle isn’t your thing, both of the founders are now in their late thirties, married, and mothers to little girls, so they launched The Everymom last year.


Recently, a quote from my first piece for The Everygirl went viral on Instagram (it got 10 times the engagement they normally see—over 36,700 likes!). I wrote about a subject that dominated my waking hours for several years as I navigated applying to countless jobs, spinning my resume every which way, and eventually taking a stepping stone job that set me back salary-wise for a year. My essay on How I Made a Major Career Shift at 30 resonated with so many millennial women who found that the path they chose at 22 isn’t quite the dream career they hoped it might be. In the article, I laid out the steps that I took to transition my career in non-profit fundraising to a role in content and copy for a creative agency. But, it doesn’t matter what your professional trajectory looks like, it’s never too late to reroute and discover a new journey.

I’m covering a wide range of verticals for The Everygirl, and, last week, I dove into the 5 Wedding Planning Myths You Shouldn’t Believe (y’all, I could write about weddings all day, every day!). And, hopefully soon, there’s an essay that I am so ridiculously excited to share—I imagine it could be a slightly more divisive topic, but it’s one that will definitely get people talking.

You can find my Contributor Page here. This is where all my articles will live in one space, so keep an eye on their homepage and this page for the latest and greatest!


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