What I’ve Been Up To: Freelance Writing

It’s been a busy spring! And, you may have noticed that I haven’t been churning out as many posts on here as I used to. I have mixed feelings on cutting back to 2, maybe 3, posts a week—on one hand, I have so many post ideas in my bank that are just waiting to be written. But, on the other, I’ve sometimes felt that I’m producing so much content that it gets lost in the shuffle. I write an info-rich post that shines for one day at the top of my blog and then disappears into the archives. Reducing the number of posts each week allows each post more airtime. But, that’s not the real reason I’ve cut back.


There are only 24 hours in a day—and, typically, 8 to 9 of those are dedicated to my day job. Another hour or so is spent working out. Add in errands, household chores, cooking meals, socializing, spending time with my husband—that doesn’t leave but a couple of hours every day for working on this blog and on my freelance writing jobs. And, right now, I’ve decided to focus those hours towards freelance writing rather than the blog.

It makes more sense for me to produce and promote just 2 high-quality blog posts a week, so that I can dedicate my other after-work hours to building my freelance business. Writing is what I love to do and the more I can put that out into the world beyond this little corner of the internet, the better!


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If you’re curious about the work I’m doing, it falls into 3 categories*: blog content writing for businesses, web copy for female entrepreneurs, and articles and essays for female-centric websites. I work with digital marketers and branding agencies, interior designers, wedding photographers, apparel companies—I’m open to talking to anyone who has a creative bend to their business.

When it comes to the articles I write, I focus on personal development, career, relationships, wedding, and design and home. I have a few exciting essays in the works, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram to hear when those go live!

You can find my work on my portfolio website—and definitely give me a shout if you’re ever looking for words!

* I also do freelance photography, though I don’t advertise or pursue those services actively. I’ll say yes to a client inquiry only if someone with a great brand reaches out to me. 


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