Why I Decided to Create a Personal Instagram Account

If you know me outside of the internet, you probably are aware that I’m an open book. I’ll tell you anything and everything about myself and my opinions on the world. TMI is a way of life.


That being said, it’s no surprise that, for years, I neglected to separate my business and personal Instagram pages. @hmbien originally started as my personal account, then, by the time I was in the deep end of blogging and writing, I felt like it would be counterproductive to start a new account and build my followers up from zero.

I also didn’t feel that I was being inauthentic in my portrayal of my everyday, even though it was told through DSLR, edited images, so there was less incentive to separate the two. What I was leaving off of my Instagram were photos of friends, images that weren’t crisp enough for my feed, and those little moments that separate life from lifestyle.


create a personal instagram - personal v. business instagram - @hmbien


So, why did I finally decide to jump in and create a personal—and private—Instagram account? Well, I made the decision to start the account right when we got married. I knew I’d be posting loads of personal photos from our wedding weekend and honeymoon, and, though I do value authenticity, I also understand the merits of a curated brand. I wanted to have an outlet to share these personal photos with family and friends, but I knew that my business account was not the right place.

Privacy Has a Time and Place

While I am an open book, there are some things that I would prefer to keep private from the Instagram world. For example, I felt a little uncomfortable posting a photo of me and Adam outside our new home on the internet. Interior photos are a-okay, but the exterior felt a bit too public. That’s why the classic “Sold” photo went on the private account.

I’m Saving You From My Selfies

I don’t want to overload followers with selfies and photos of friends and family. When I follow a blogger or creative, I’m not looking to see glimpses into their social life, so I totally get it when readers don’t want to see mine. I may love that selfie that we took over Lady Bird Lake, but I’m not sure that someone who follows me for lifestyle content cares to see it. It’s fine on Insta stories over on my business account, but if I’m going to post it, it’s going on my personal account.

Looking Towards the Future

If we decide to have a child at some point, I’m not totally comfortable with the idea of blasting them all over social media. Photos here and there on a private account seem fine, but they don’t need a public record of their youth on the internet for all to see. We had the luxury of going on job interviews and dates without the person on the other end finding our baby photos with a quick google search, and I would hope to offer our future child that same privilege.


Now that you’ve read all about why I decided to create a personal Instagram account, you’re probably wondering where you can find me. My personal account is @heatherbienshapiro (yes, I snagged that username before I decided NOT to change my last name…which you can read all about here). It’s a private account for those who I know personally (and those who probably get annoyed with my blog-worthy Instas on occasion).


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