Is Target Removable Wallpaper Easy to Install? Yes, It Can Be!

Full disclaimer here: I wanted to write a post about whether Target removable wallpaper is easy to install…but I knew this room was going to be tough to photograph in the winter. Our guest bedroom doesn’t get a ton of light in any season due to the house next door (honestly, we’re lucky to have a window, not just a light well, since a lot of rowhouses are fully side-by-side), but, in the winter, when the sun is low in the sky, it really doesn’t get much daylight. So, that is to say, don’t judge the photos. They are what they are.


So, it’s a funny thing…this wallpaper was a 100% impulsive decision. Our guest bedroom was in purgatory for several months after we moved in — we still had furniture at our old apartment since there were subletters in there and this room was basically empty save for my desk and two boxes. Luckily, we eventually got our furniture in, but it still just felt blah. I didn’t want to work in there even though it’s my office and I would shut the door whenever possible. I haven’t wanted to buy much for it, but, if you know me, you know I hate having unfinished projects and I absolutely hate looking at them.

Then, right before Adam’s parents were coming to visit (and we were letting them stay in our room), I was like, okay, I can’t hang out in this room when it looks like an afterthought. So, in the course of 48 hours, I sold the existing rug on Facebook Marketplace, ordered a new rug from Overstock, ordered 2 leather pillows, bought removable wallpaper, and installed it. It was an under $175 total room makeover. Granted, it still needs accessories and some vintage finds, but, it’ll do for now and I actually like working in there (my desk is across from the sofa…I’ll take pics of that another day).

Funny enough, I actually got a ton of messages asking about the rug (it’s got enough colors that it complements almost anything…including the existing window treatment that the seller left and the sofa, which I’m not in love with, but not concerned enough about to replace at this point).

However, most questions came in regarding the WALLPAPER. Wallpaper is a divisive subject. It was super out of vogue for a long time, but, now that it’s back, everyone is on the removable wallpaper train. And, you’ll see all sorts of wallpaper woes all over Instagram. So, let’s talk about it.


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So, there’s not a super straightforward answer to this, which I’m sure is what you came here to find. I’ve talked to some people who said it’s the most difficult DIY project they’ve ever attempted. I was able to do one wall in less than an hour and, while it’s not a walk in the park, it wasn’t hard.

What’s the difference? It all comes down to your wallpaper’s print and repeat. I picked a print that is so busy you can’t tell where it stops and starts. There are no lines to match perfectly. Unless you’re studying the wall, you can’t see the line between sheets. That’s the key to an easy wallpaper application. I may have loved some larger geometric prints, but I wasn’t about to attempt to line those up myself (I would have hired a professional…and I was doing this on a budget).

Beyond the print, all application will be the same. You NEED a second set of hands. Adam didn’t hang out the whole time I was putting up the wallpaper (he’s super helpful with projects that are beyond my abilities, but if it’s something he sees as frivolous, he’s not going to jump up to involve himself). However, needed him there to help me line up each sheet as I pressed from ceiling to floor. The one I tried to do on my own ended up crooked which, while it didn’t make a difference in terms of print, it did mean that it didn’t reach the floor evenly.

Have a ladder and an exacto knife on hand. You’ll cut the sheets to a few inches beyond the measurement of your ceiling to floor. Carefully press the sheets down from top to bottom, taking care not to get air bubbles (a friend in DC recommended having a credit card or something similar to scrape out air bubbles that will inevitably pop up as you go). When you get to the bottom, use the exacto knife to cut off excess. Repeat, repeat, repeat until done!


If you’re feeling good after reading this and I’ve answered your questions on whether removable wallpaper is easy to install, you’re probably wondering where you should get it. Target is the answer. You can pick it up for under $30 a roll, just make sure to do your math correctly and allow for a little bit extra because you definitely don’t want to make a trip back mid-project. And, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to give me a shout!


target removable wallpaper - target gold speckled wallpaper - is removable wallpaper easy to install - devine color speckled wallpaper


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