What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet, Volume III

It’s time for another installment of What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet! As y’all likely know by now, I’m a contributing writer for a few websites, including The Everygirl and Advice From a Thirtysomething. And, it’s funny, I’ve been hearing a lot about Enneagrams lately, so obviously I’ve had to take the quiz a few times and I always come out as an Enneagram 8. I don’t tend to think of myself as someone who is a dominant personality, but it 100% aligns with the fact I love writing advice essays — and, as I’m sure my friends would confirm, giving unsolicited life advice whenever possible.


So, if you’re here for the unsolicited life advice that I’m offering, here are a few of the articles that I’ve written lately (lately being relative…since I actually wrote some of these over the summer, but they weren’t published until recently).

These are a few articles I’ve written for a client of mine, but, since they have my byline and I think they’re relevant to anyone looking to live a bit more sustainably and mindfully this season, I’ll throw them in here:

As always, here’s your reminder that if you like what you see here, give me a shout! In addition to this blog and my full-time job, I take on freelance writing projects, including web copy, blog content, and essays.

 * I love hearing Grace Atwood talk about how she has friends who don’t like following her Instagram because they do NOT understand the blog content world — I totally have real-life friends who will not follow my blog because they don’t get it and don’t want to, ha.


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