Birdies Starling Loafer Review + 10% Birdies Promo Code

So, let’s talk Birdies Starling Loafer review, answer the question, “are Birdies worth it?,” and give you a 10% off Birdies promo code (snag it here – HMBIEN10!)

Y’all know as a commuter, I’m all about my comfy shoes and I’m 100% a Rothy’s devotee (read all my reviews and find my $20 off promo code here). But, sometimes I want to switch it up and, when I came across a pair of black velvet Birdies Starling Loafers a few months ago, I decided to give them a whirl.

Birdies are one of many shoe brands that have come out in recent years that promise an ultra-comfortable alternative to traditional flats or loafers. Birdies claim to be the “stylish flat that is secretly a slipper” and they absolutely straddle the line between flat and slipper, while offering more support than others on the market. And, like a few other of the comfy commuter options, these have also been known to grace the feet of Meghan Markle.

Now, let’s get into the Birdies Starling Loafer review.

Birdies Starling Loafer Review

I’ve always loved the way a chic pair of black velvet smoking loafers looks, so it didn’t take much to sell me on picking up a pair of these classic velvet loafers. They’re so sophisticated with a pair of faux leather leggings, jeans, or ankle length pants. I wear them casually with dark jeans and a simple cashmere sweater for brunch or I’ll dress them up with leather leggings and a lace top for an evening out.

Birdies hypes up its 7-layer comfort technology and, while I don’t totally understand what that means, it’s legit. These loafers actually do feel like slippers — it’s like putting your foot into a cloud, a cloud that’s surrounded by gorgeous, sumptuous quilted satin. Like, yes, Rothy’s are super comfortable for work, but these, these are next-level. I’m actually afraid that they’re too comfy to wear outside, which is probably why they repeatedly address it all over their website: “Yes, you can wear these outside!!”

And, I DO wear them outside! I don’t tend to walk miles in them just because I’m trying to make them last as long as possible and they do have a rubber sole, which doesn’t hold up forever. I’ll often wear my Rothy’s sneakers to commute since I walk about 6 minutes from home to the metro and 15 from the metro to work, then I slip these on when I get to the office — but, I don’t think twice about wearing them to run errands during the workday or on the weekend.

When it comes to sizing, I went with my normal size 7 and I would definitely not size up. They do say that these will stretch a bit and mold to your foot with their memory form interior and I found that mine stretched out a bit. Not that they’re too big, but I wouldn’t have wanted to size up at all.

Plus, the Starling Loafer is vegan with its velvet upper and rubber sole.


birdies starling loafer review - birdies promo code

Your 10% Off Birdies Promo Code

Now that you’ve made it through the Birdies Starling Loafer review and you’re 100% on board to snag a pair for yourself (right?!), here’s your promo code for 10% off your first pair: HMBIEN10. And, don’t worry, there’s free shipping and free returns so you can try them out without committing too much.

birdies starling loafer review - birdies promo code

birdies starling loafer review - birdies promo code

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