Rothy’s Sneaker Review + Rothy’s Discount Code 2023

I’m going to touch on my thoughts on the fitbit Charge 2 before launching into my Rothy’s sneaker review. So, if you’re here for the Rothy’s, skip to the middle of the post—and, use code Welcome20 for $20 off.

I didn’t actively (no pun intended) set out to become one of those people that tracks their steps, but, when Adam received a new fitbit for his birthday, I was willing to give his old fitbit Charge 2 a home on my wrist. So, for the past month and a half, I’ve been tracking my steps, my meals (I was previously tracking that through the MyFitnessPal app), my sleep, and my workouts.

Aiming for 10K Steps a Day with Fitbit Charge 2

I’ve been using the standard recommendation that you get 10,000 steps a day as a baseline but hoping to well exceed that most days. As someone who lives in an urban area where I walk everywhere from the grocery store to the metro, getting to 10,000 steps most days is no issue—but wearing the fitbit has actually made me even more aware of how active I am throughout the day.

My goal most days is to get to 5,000 steps by 9 AM so that I feel less guilty if I don’t have opportunities to get up and moving throughout the workday. That means I’m waking up early to put on my sneakers and go on a 2-mile walk every morning.

But, even when I’ve hit 10,000, wearing the fitbit encourages me to work more movement into any moment that I might otherwise be staying still. I’ll work in a few lunges while I’m on a conference call, do some squats while I’m brushing my teeth, a step-tap or two while I’m making my coffee. Seeing that number tick up is the reminder I need to keep moving.

Note: I got this pack of 3 bands for $6.99 and I’ve been super happy with them!

fitbit charge 2 review - rothys sneaker review

Rothy’s Sneaker Review + Rothy’s Discount Code 2023

Use code Welcome20 for $20 off!

Since I’m taking all these steps, I’ve also found that I’m more likely to slip on sneakers when I might have previously put on flipflops. And, the sneakers that I’m wearing 99% of the time are my Rothy’s Sneakers. I never thought I’d be a slip-on sneaker fan, but here I am, literally wearing them with everything from workout clothes to jean shorts.

I was already a fan of Rothy’s, but this pair has become my ultimate favorite—so much that I now have two pairs: the Salt Honeycomb that I’m wearing in these photos, which is a great light gray neutral in a pretty weave, and the Steel Grey, which I can’t wait to wear with jeans and leggings this fall.

These are, hands down, the most comfortable shoes I own. I can slip on these sneakers and walk for miles. Made out of recyclable water bottles, there’s zero break-in period. These fit from the moment you put them on—and they don’t stretch out, either (so make sure you don’t get them too small hoping they’ll stretch!).

They look as cute with athleisure as they do with a casual, everyday outfit, so they’ve become my ultra-versatile shoe for traveling, running errands, even brunch.

A note on sizing: I wear a 7-7.5 in most shoes. I went with a 7 in both the Rothy’s Point and the Rothy’s Loafer, but I went up to a 7.5 in the Sneaker.

fitbit charge 2 review - rothys sneaker review

fitbit charge 2 review - rothys sneaker review


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