My Warm Weather Perfume Wardrobe: Citrus and Woodsy Floral

What are your thoughts on swapping out your fragrance during spring and summer for a warm weather perfume? For me, with the changing of seasons, comes an opportunity to try out new fragrances or revert back to old favorites. While I love the idea of being someone that wears a signature scent their entire life, I prefer to keep a rotating array of scents that sync with my mood, where I’m going, and what it’s like outside.

My Warm Weather Perfume Wardrobe

In the warmer months, I leave behind my beloved Winter Woods perfume from the Burren Perfumery for something a bit lighter — but never too light.

I would never have imagined myself to be a citrus perfume fan, but several years ago when I tried Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine (maybe it was in a Birchbox?!), I fell totally in love with it. And, by several years, we’re probably talking half a decade ago, if not longer. It’s fresh and fruity, but a bit earthy (we know I don’t love fragrances that are too crisp!). Each spring, when I pull this perfume back out, that first spritz is like being transported to a warm afternoon.

My other warm weather scent is a bit softer than the burst of citrus. It’s an everyday scent that feels clean and familiar. Clean’s Blonde Rose is a fresh and powdery floral punctuated with warm, woodsy notes. I believe this was another post-sample purchase, which I fell for because of the rose notes.



Do I Need to Switch Up My Perfume for Spring and Summer?

The short answer is: not necessarily.

I wear my Atelier Cologne Vanilla Insensée year-round — often layered with my spring and summer scent, Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, to create a creamsicle of sorts. The vanilla itself a rich vanilla scent and, while it’s certainly spicy, it’s not overpowering in a way that screams cool weather.

I also wear Chloé Nomade year-round. I’ve had a mega-sample size of this spicy floral that’s as at home on a warm evening dining al fresco as it is on a crisp fall day.

So, you do you. I like to have specific warm weather perfume that I wear during the steamier months, but if you find one that works for you 12 months of the year, go for it!


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