I Was Featured in Washingtonian What I’m Wearing Column!

Yes, I managed to finagle my way into Washingtonian What I’m Wearing column and gave Carole Baskin a shoutout. Are my self-isolation goals complete? I’d say so.


I mean, I’ve always wanted to do a feature in Washingtonian’s What I’m Wearing column, but did I expect it to be on what I’m wearing during quarantine? Not so much. I’ll take it though. We know I feel strongly about “getting dressed” each day, even while home, so I was happy to dig into a few of my outfits.

From leggings to joggers and cozy cardigans, I photographed week’s worth of outfits that I wore around the house…and, literally, I was just around the house because these photos were taken back when I was truly trying not to leave the house even for walks.

I’ve previewed a few of the photos below, but you can read the full article here: A Lifestyle Blogger Who’s Trying to Dress Up Her Leggings During Quarantine.


Washingtonian what I'm wearing - what to wear in quarantine


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