Embracing the Hippie Side of Things: Etsy Modern Incense Holder

I can’t recall what it was that set me down a road of buying incense and, consequently, looking for a modern incense holder that wouldn’t look like a holdover from a hippie phase of old — but here we are.

My best guess is I must have caught a waft in a hipster boutique some time this past winter and quarantine boredom pushed me over the edgeSide note: I mean I’d already been burning sage for a few years, so perhaps this was the logical next step.

Regardless, I knew I wanted to find an incense holder that had a modern silhouette and that would add a bit of style to my coffee table vignette.

Modern Incense Holder From Etsy

So, I took to my go-to spot when I’m in the market for something well-designed, but at a budget-friendly price: Etsy.

I started off my search originally looking for crystal incense holders — I love the piece of amethyst that we have on our coffee table and thought perhaps a white quartz might be a nice complement…until I thought about how hard it might be too clean. So, I turned to the idea of a ceramic incense holder, with modern lines and painted in a way that would feel modern and fresh.

I stumbled upon this one and loved its elevated look, glossy black finish, and white splatter spots. The height gives it a sculptural look that adds something to our coffee table styling, rather than looking like, “hey, this is an incense holder!” When it’s not in use, it’s a little piece of art (we’re back to that budget friendly decor, right?!).

And, if you’re now thinking you might hop back on the incense train, too, here are a few of the other Etsy options that I stumbled upon…


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ceramic incense holders - ceramic incense burners - etsy incense holders - modern incense burner


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