How a $20 Set of Hooks Turned My Bathroom Into a Spa

I don’t love our bathroom, but I’ve been bound and determined to do my best to turn our gray, blah bathroom into a spa. I’m sure in some interior designer’s mind, this bathroom was a good idea. In reality, the tile is dull, but at least unoffensive, and there’s not much I can do about it (well, besides paint…which, don’t worry, is on the agenda).

Yes, One Tiny Detail Turned My Bathroom Into a Spa

So, what was I going to do to turn a small space into a spa-like experience? We were lucky that there was one detail I liked — the wood shelf above the toilet. So, I decided to work with that. I bought an acacia wood trash can and styled the wood shelf to hold what we needed, but in a discreet way.

There was still something missing though. So, I thought about elements from actual spas that I was missing. I had the candles, I had the natural light, what else could I need? 

Stylish hooks to hang my towels. Those were the answer, rather than an ugly shiny metal towel bar where I could only hang one towel anyway. I searched for weeks, looking at options from vintage to glass, until I realized that the wood I’d carried from the shelf to the trash can was the spa-worthy answer…plus, it was the cheap answer.


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This is the Easiest Bathroom DIY You’ll Ever Do

I say this as if I actually took on this DIY project myself, which y’all know I didn’t do. But, I did measure it out and mark where to place each hook. So, that counts, right?!

And, honestly, it was super quick and easy for Adam to drill these hooks in. I probably could have done it myself, but I just prefer not to, okay?! I like to be on standby for fluffing it all up when we’re done. Which is exactly what I did.

Add a turkish towel, our white towels, and ta-da! Spa-like bathroom level unlocked.


spa into bathroom - wooden bathroom hooks - spa bathroom - spa bathroom on a budget -diy bathroom hacks



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