Staying Healthy on the Road: How I Work Out Away From Home

While we may not be venturing too far this summer and our boutique fitness classes are likely closed anyway, there’s still the question of, “How do I work out away from home?” anytime I hit the road. I like routine. Typically, in normal times, that comes in the way of daily barre classes. Now, it’s fitting in my daily ballet, yoga and barre videos.

As soon as I’m away from home, that gets thrown up in the air and I have to figure out how to build time and space to work out into a new schedule.

How I Work Out Away From Home Now

So, how do I work out away from home now that we’re in a pandemic and finding a fitness studio location in a new city isn’t an option? Here are a few of my go-to tips to balance out all the rich eating that I’m sure to do while on the road.

  • Download the FitOn App: My sister convinced me to download this app and I’m hooked. When I’m traveling, I don’t typically have time to fit in an hour long barre class or to scroll through YouTube looking for just the right ballet video. I need something quick and easily accessible. I love that FitOn has options as short as 5-minutes and you can browse by type of workout. Even if I only have 15 minutes to fit in a Pilates workout, that’s fine. This flexibility is what I need when I’m away from home.
  • Explore On Foot: “Should we drive to dinner?” “No! I need to get my steps in!” is a normal vacation conversation between me and my husband. You see more of a city when you’re on foot and you get to know the streets like a local. Plus, you’ll find yourself hitting 10,000 steps in no time between walking to get coffee, strolling through the park, or taking the leisurely way home after dinner.
  • Invest in Packable Weights: These are my must-have for working out anytime, anywhere. At 1 lb. each and soft-sided to easily pack in a suitcase, there’s no excuse not to bring these light, use-them-anywhere weights with you. They’re perfect for any workout where you need just a little bit of added weight.

Okay, so those are my go-to tips for squeezing in a work out away from home. What are yours? I’m dying to know if there are other great apps I should look into!


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