The ONLY Item I Bought In the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

In years past, I’ve shopped a handful of items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And, last week, I even shared a few of my top shopped items from the blog, which appear in the sale. However, to be honest, I’m not a huge Nordstrom shopper. I buy things here and there, for sure. But, I don’t have a Nordstrom card and I’m certainly not buying 10+ items or stocking up my entire fall wardrobe (do we even need a fall wardrobe this year?!). So, it feels a bit inauthentic for me to dedicate several days’ worth of content to itThat is to say, I know there are bloggers that it’s totally on brand for and they make big bucks from this sale, so they should 100% get after it! 

There was one item, however, that I did have on my wish list and that I snagged as soon as the sale opened up to the public: Quay Australia 55MM Cat Eye Sunglasses.

It’s not that I’m short on sunglasses, I’m certainly not. But, my wardrobe has been lacking in an easy, casual pair that isn’t too glam, doesn’t make too much of a statement, and just goes with everything. These sunglasses are exactly that. They’re big, sure, but that’s just more sun protection. The cat eye is super subtle. They have a classic oversized shape that doesn’t feel trendy or retro. I don’t think there’s a better pair of sunglasses out there for everyday. So, if you’re like me and just meh on the Nordstrom sale, but you do love a good, timeless, high-quality buy, do yourself a favor and pick up these $35 Quay Australia sunglasses.


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