My Top 5 Selling Items From the Blog: Summer 2020

I’ve got a fun post for you today! I’m rounding up the top 5 selling items from my blog since May 2020 — basically, this is what people have been buying during the pandemic summer. And, to be totally honest, it’s not the list I expected.

Though, let me add this caveat: unless a blogger uses Amazon Affiliates, which I do not, you can’t see the specific Amazon items you’re selling. So, those are left off this list. It’s a super frustrating quirk!

My Top 5 Selling Items From the Blog

Here are the top 5 selling items from the blog this summer. I didn’t see the summer and warm weather items I expected, but y’all are apparently wearing a lot of jeans and leather leggings. That, or you’re stocking up for fall! I was definitely not surprised to see more than a few people jumped on the bandwagon for the king duvet insert in a queen duvet trick. It’s all about comfort right now, right?! Lastly, the solid gold ring I have as my wedding band is such a classic, so I’m delighted other people have invested in it. Even if it’s not a wedding band for you, it’s a timeless look — I always feel so European and understated when I wear it on its own.


top 5 selling items from the blog


  1. Madewell Curvy High Rise Jeans, $135 | These are actually in the Nordstrom sale right now, for $80 off!
  2. Populent 2MM Solid Gold Ring, $105
  3. H&M Shaping Ultra High Shaping Jeans, $28
  4. Martha Stewart Feather & Down Comforter, $125
  5. Commando Faux Leather Ankle Leggings, $98 | These are also currently in the Nordstrom sale!

Oh! Want to know more about how I know what items are selling? I run through the process in this post. I can’t see who is buying what, but I can see how many people are clicking and buying on a particular item. The affiliate income from these items is how I keep this blog running (hosting, photography, etc. don’t come free!), so I’m so thankful to everyone who clicks and buys!

The Original Blog Posts From These Popular Items

Finding the Right Fit: Are Madewell Jeans Worth It? I am a only own 2-3 pairs of jeans at a time kind of girl, so I don’t mind splurging a bit on a pair that I know I’ll love and won’t stretch out. But, I wondered, are Madewell jeans actually worth it? Turns out they 100% are.


madewell curvy high rise danny wash


Bands of Gold: Our Etsy Wedding Bands I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on our simple solid gold bands, so I found a seller on Etsy with fabulous reviews and took a chance. Well, it paid off. I absolutely love our bands and I’m even considering buying a signet ring from the same seller. Note: it does look like the price of gold has increased slightly from when we purchased our rings, but it’s minimal.


etsy wedding bands - populent gold band


Finding the Right Fit, Part II: H&M Shaping Jeans Review The second pair in my quest for a new jean wardrobe this spring was a budget buy, but I loved them so much I bought them in black and blue. These jeans stick to their shape and cost just a third of the Madewell jeans (though I love both!).


H&M ultra high shaping jeans


Fluffy Bedding Hack: Put a King Duvet Insert in a Queen Duvet Cover This is one of the most popular home hacks I’ve ever shared on Instagram or my blog. Y’all went crazy for it! But, it really works. My bedding has never been fluffier and my duvet cover no longer has sad empty sides. FYI I’ve heard from those with king size beds that there IS a duvet insert that’s even bigger than a king.


king duvet insert in a queen duvet cover


The Best Faux Leather Leggings: Spanx v. Commando This is an oldie, but goodie post. I absolutely love my Commando faux leather leggings and I think they’re far superior to Spanx if you’re looking for something that looks like leather and has no waistband. They’re perfect for dressing up or down.


commando faux leather leggings



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