New Normal: How to Turn Old Necklaces Into Mask Chains

I was inspired to pull out my old statement necklaces and figure out how to turn necklaces into mask chains when I saw this pearl mask chain on Amazon and then saw the ridiculous expensive versions all over boutiques in Denver and Aspen when I was out in Colorado.

Why would I pay for a mask chain when I have old necklaces just sitting around collecting dust? Disclaimer: I did Poshmark or Goodwill all my old statement necklaces from J.Crew or wherever, but I kept those that I’d actually made with vintage or demi-fine stones.

What You’ll Need to Turn Old Necklaces Into Mask Chains

To elevate your social distancing style and turn your old necklaces into mask chains, you’ll need just a few pieces and less than half an hour.

Lobster Claw Clasps

Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Pliers

Beads, an old necklace, etc.

Mask (I’m partial to the J.Crew masks)


OUTFIT DETAILS: TOP (old, old Kate Spade) / H&M JEANS (read my entire review here!) / EVERLANE DAY HEEL / MASKSUNGLASSES


how to turn an old necklace into a mask chain - necklace mask chain


How to Turn a Necklace Into a Mask Chain

To be honest, you can probably figure it out from here. But, just in case, here’s what I do.

Start on one side with lobster claw clasp. Wrap the wire around securely and tuck it into the first bead. I typically like to double up the wire if possible. I’ve done one chain with a single wire thread and it broke because the beads were too heavy. 

String the beads as you would a normal necklace. However, the difference between stringing a necklace and stringing a mask chain is you’ll want the lobster claw clasps on both sides of the mask chain so it can hook to your mask on either side. 

Once you get to the end, wrap the wire around the second lobster claw clasp. Tuck the wire back in the first bead if possible to finish the end. Hook it on to the straps of your masks and voila! You’ll never lose a mask ever again (or at least you won’t lose it while you’re out and about and don’t have a backup…happened to me #truestory). 


how to turn an old necklace into a mask chain - necklace mask chain

how to turn an old necklace into a mask chain - necklace mask chain


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