Finding the Right Fit, Part II: H&M Shaping Jeans Review

This H&M Shaping Jeans review is the second part in my Finding the Right Fit series, which I started while I was searching for a new pair of high-waisted jeans. Check out the first part, Are Madewell Jeans Worth It?, here.

And, FYI, I took these photos right before social distancing started, BUT these are comfortable enough to wear to work from home. I’m actually wearing them as I write this! Just something to help me feel a bit pulled together.

Okay, here’s a shocking revelation: this is the first pair of black jeans I’ve ever owned.

I’ve always been a jeans minimalist and, while white and blue always held strong in my closet, black jeans just never found their way in.


But, now that I’m in an office all day, every day (oh wait, no, I’m not…I’m working from home, but I WAS in an office for almost 2 months!), I’ve found that my every day uniform needs a bit of sprucing up.

A blazer and jeans is great, but it gets a little old day after day. As long as I’m keeping my jeans wardrobe to just a handful of pairs, I needed something to break up the monotony of blue, blue, and more blue. Plus, I realized that there’s something kind of classic, yet hip, about a pair of slim black jeans. I love my black leather leggings, of course, but sometimes you need a little bit more structure in an outfit than a legging can offer — and a little bit of cool casualness.

And, I got super lucky in that the very first pair of black jeans I ordered was the winner (compare this to 30ish for blue jeans!). Enter the H&M Shaping Ultra High Ankle Jeans.



h&m ultra shaping jeans - h&m black jeans - best black jeans - h&m ultra shaping jeans review


I came across this pair of jeans while I was looking at H&M’s super budget friendly jeans options. No surprise, I went with the ultra high waist and I was sold on the idea of “shaping”. I intended to order one of the blue denim pairs, but decided to throw in a pair of black.

Well, the minute I pulled these on, I knew they were keeper. The H&M Shaping Ultra High Jeans feel like a jean — these are NOT a legging. They’re 91% cotton, 7% polyester, and 1% elastane, so, they have stretch, lots of stretch, and they do not stretch out. But, they have structure.

I ordered my normal size, a 27, as opposed to the 26 I ordered at Madewell. The ankle length is perfect on me at 5’5″. These are skinny, but not too skinny — they have just enough room at the ankle to drive home the point that they’re a jean, not a legging. Also, the ultra-high waist does, in fact, come up to my belly button, which is exactly what I want in a jean (if not above!). I ordered both the washed out black and the no-fade black, but decided the washed out black had a cooler look to it — a bit more casual and effortless. I also ordered the dark denim because, at under $50, why not have an extra pair of everyday jeans?!

Lastly, yes, these are super comfy. I’ve worn them while hanging around the house all day and didn’t think twice about it. And, you know if I’ll wear a pair of jeans around the house, I’ve found a winner.


h&m ultra shaping jeans - h&m black jeans - best black jeans - h&m ultra shaping jeans review

h&m ultra shaping jeans - h&m black jeans - best black jeans - h&m ultra shaping jeans review

h&m ultra shaping jeans - h&m black jeans - best black jeans - h&m ultra shaping jeans review




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