The Best Mom Jean Shorts: H&M Jean Shorts Review

We love a good pair of mom jeans, but where do you find the best mom jean shorts? You know the style: 90s inspired, high waisted, and oh so flattering. Straight off a sitcom mom. I’ve been on the high waisted jeans train for years and have my two favorite places to find them (Madewell and H&M, for the record), but jean shorts were an other beast.

Finding the Best Mom Jean Shorts

I ordered no less than 20 pairs in my search for the best mom jean shorts. I started off with the classics: Madewell and Nordstrom. Nope and nope. Madewell ran huge. Topshop from Nordstrom were a diaper-worthy combination of short and roomy.

Then, I went budget-friendly. I ordered a whole slew of pairs from Target. The high-rise boyfriend shorts are actually a great option at just $20, but the legs were a little bit more slim cut than I wanted. They come up high, the waist didn’t gape, and the material has plenty of stretch. However, I know when it’s 95 degrees with 90% humidity, I don’t want fabric suffocating me, so I needed plenty of room.

Finally, it occurred to me — why hadn’t I looked at H&M?! Also the last place I looked for jeans, but seriously a hidden gem.


Also, yes, this photo is insanely hazy…our second to last day in Colorado was when the haze (and the smoky smell!) from the wildfires settled in. 


h&M denim paper-bag shorts - h&m jean shorts - best mom jean shorts

H&M Jean Shorts Review

I tried several pairs, but ended up with the Denim Paper-Bag Shorts, a steal at $30 that had an additional 15% off when I ordered them. These fit me in the waist, have roomy legs, the perfect denim wash, and they’re not too short. I’m just not a 3″ inseam kind of girl. Plus, they have a cute bow belt that comes with them. While I typically add my own belt, this one has a cute feminine look for when I just want something easy.

The description describes them as a thick cotton denim, but I’m not sure I’d call it “thick.” It’s certainly got weight to it, but thick makes me think of stiff and these are anything but. This denim is buttery soft. And this color seriously can’t be beat. It’s the perfect light, but not too light wash.

The elastic waist is amaaaazing. A gaping waistline is a constant problem for me and, with the elastic, I get a perfect snug, but comfortable fit. Lastly, because you always want to look good from the behind, too, the pockets on these shorts are perfectly sized so they don’t expand your rear end.

So, there you have it. I’ve tried all the pairs and I’ve found the best mom jean shorts out there. Order them, live in them, love them.


h&M denim paper-bag shorts - h&m jean shorts - best mom jean shorts


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