Are Hoop Earrings In Style? Here Are Three Capsule-Worthy Styles

Are hoop earrings in style? From gold huggie earrings to sleek, larger hoops, I’m here to tell you that this timeless style will never go out of style.

Are Hoop Earrings in Style?

Yes, yes, they are! For years, I avoided them. I wore statement earrings, studs, and everything in between. I had a few pairs of hoops my mom bought me in high school that had been relegated to the back of my jewelry drawer. My sister’s been a long-time fan of the bigger, the better. But I was a solid no. I had cultivated a preppier, tailored style and felt like they didn’t go.

However, I was totally mistaken. This classic earring style is my daily go-to now. With a black turtleneck, a big pair of hoops straddles the line between artsy and sophisticated. Worn with a vibrant Lilly Pulitzer shift, they’re a mod nod to the 60s. They’re weekend casual with a simple v-neck tee tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans. With a button-down and leggings, they’re effortless. Turns out hoops are the little black dress of the earring world.

Three Styles of Hoop Earrings to Include in a Capsule Wardrobe

So, given my thoughts on focusing on a capsule jewelry wardrobe that only includes intentional, focused options, these are the styles of hoop earrings that are go-with-everything workhorses and proudly earn a spot in my capsule wardrobe of hoops.

Gold Huggie Earrings

I love the look of a minimalist everyday gold huggie earring. These 14K gold huggie earrings from Aurate (a great resource for affordable solid gold jewelry!) are classic and subtle enough to wear anytime you might typically reach for a small stud. From athleisure to jeans and a t-shirt to workwear (someday…), a tiny huggie is a must-have.

Medium Gold Hoops

What do I look for when I’m wearing a sleek turtleneck or a blazer? Huggies feel not quite feminine enough, while larger gold hoops feel like the distract from the look a bit. This is when a medium gold hoop is just the answer. I love an inch or so diameter with a thicker width to make a subtle statement — it’s not the anytime of day earring that a huggie is, but it’s still super wearable.

Simple Gold Hoops 

You might think the largest pair of hoops should be reserved for nights out but I actually love them with a casual outfit — even a baseball hat and leggings. It’s an effortlessly cool juxtaposition that I opt for again and again and again. A two inch or more diameter is preferred and, while the pair I have is on the thinner side, I’m definitely looking to invest in a thick width for a big statement.


are hoop earrings in style - gold huggie earrings

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