Grayson Shirt Review + $25 Off Grayson Promo Code

Grayson is a woman-owned small business that I’m so excited to share with you in this Grayson shirt review. Plus, I have a $25 Grayson promo code for y’all! Use code: HEATHERBIEN or click through the link I just shared!

I’d had Grayson bookmarked for months, maybe a year, in my “Style” folder on Instagram before I actually owned a Grayson shirt. The classic, casual silhouettes and subtle prints had intrigued me on others’ feeds and I was so happy to finally get my hands on one of these designed-by-women, made-for-women button-down shirts.

Grayson Shirt Review

Grayson is the brain-child of an engineer turned designer who put her analytical thinking to work designing a button-down shirt that would look beautifully timeless on a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Trying each new silhouette on 30 women before coming to a final design, these shirts are meant to drape gracefully and eliminate the boob-gap that so many women deal with (not a problem this flat-chested gal knows personally).

Their shirts are sized 01 through 05. I’m typically a size 2 in standard sizing but prefer my button-downs a little oversized, so I went with a 02 and probably could have gone with a 01 if I’d wanted it to be a bit more tailored.

The Hero is Grayon’s signature style, hitting a bit below the hip and featuring a flattering pleat on the back with a shirttail hem. You’ll find it in plush flannel, liquid flannel, feathered flannel, cotton, liquid lyocell, washed cotton, tissue cotton, and linen. I’ve tried the plush flannel and the feathered flannel — both perfect for fall and winter. All fabrics are available in a variety of solids, plaids, and prints.

The Grayson Plush Flannel Shirt

I chose this adorable floral flannel because how can you resist these charming little read flowers?! Its got subtle 1980s vibes, a slightly oversized fit, and it’s oh so cozy. I’m wearing it here on an unseasonably warm day with black jeans and ballet flats, but I’ve also worn it on a 35-degree afternoon with booties and a down jacket.

It’s the most comfy shirt for work-from-home, however it’s tailored enough for brunch or, someday, even the office. Plus, you cannot beat this super soft, thick flannel.



grayson shirt review - grayson plush flannel review - grayson promo code


Plus, Get a $25 Grayson Promo Code

Want to try a Grayson shirt for yourself? Whether you choose a flannel, perfect for those cozy WFH days, or want to invest on a classic, wear-it-year-round cotton shirt, you can save $25 with my Grayson promo code (that’s $5 more savings than their intro promo offer!). You can use code: HEATHERBIEN or click through the link I just shared!


grayson shirt review - grayson plush flannel review - grayson promo code


Thanks to Grayson for sending me this shirt to try out! While this post was not sponsored, I am participating in their affiliate program so I’ll earn a small commission should you choose to purchase your Grayson shirt through my link (and thank you so much to those of you who do!).


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