Cozy Boucle Reading Chair: My Favorite Boucle and Sherpa Finds

In full disclosure, I got this cozy boucle reading chair as part of a styling shoot.* Meaning, I didn’t pick it out. It arrived and I thought, “Hmm…interesting. I can definitely make this work for the shoot and then it’s going straight to Facebook Marketplace.”

But, after a few days, it started to grow on me. It has this loungey vibe that invites you to sit and stay a while. Its low profile doesn’t overpower our small living room, but gives us additional seating space for someday when we can have guests again. Plus, it spins…I mean can you beat that? So, I decided to keep it — for now. I’ve often said we need a storage unit for finds that have a place in our someday house but, until we do, they either live in or place or get listed. This once isn’t getting listed yet.

Curling Up In a Cozy Boucle Reading Chair

And, the funny thing is, after I decided to keep it, I realized that boucle chairs seem to be making a comeback. I saw questions asked in a few Facebook groups I’m in. People wanted to know the best place to find a cozy boucle reading chair. Am I that on trend?! Apparently so.

So, if you want to jump on the boucle bandwagon, I’ve rounded up some of the best modern, comfy options on the internet, including the one I have in my own living room.

*By styling shoot, I mean I was hired to take product photos for a brand to use. Different than a sponsored post where I would get a product and review/vouch for it in that I’m not obligated at all to ever feature the product or the photos on my social media.


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