Acrylic Cheetah Tray: Perfect Tray for Working From the Sofa

So, let’s talk about the perfect tray for working from the sofa…yes, the sofa. I know, I know, I should sit at a desk in a proper chair while working from home. But, let’s be honest, it’s just more comfortable to get cozy while working. And, yes, I do take my video calls at the table so I look like a professional. 

However, after a few spilled cups of coffee, I realized that my work from sofa setup needed some help. Upholstery is not meant to support a notebook or a cup — and certainly not when our cat runs like a bat out of hell across the sofa at intermittent times through out the day. Well, what’s a girl to do? A c-table wasn’t realistic because of where our sofa is positioned but a tray, a tray could solve my problems.

The Perfect Tray for Working From the Sofa

I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg but I wanted something cute. I’d only ever gotten trays for the purpose of using them for entertaining or on my coffee table. This needed to be more functional. I came across the acrylic trays from Society6 and, bingo! At $33-ish for the 15″ x 12″ size, this was exactly what I needed.

The Gold Cheetahs Acrylic Tray was the obvious choice for me. It’s more vibrant in person than it is on their website — the colors in my photos are accurate. The size is perfect for corralling recent industry publications I need to read, my planner, a notebook, my blue light glasses, a lip balm, and, of course, a beverage. Is it as high quality as the $150 acrylic trays that people are shelling out for? Idk. I haven’t bought one of those, ha. But, for me, it’s getting the job done.

P.S. Another great Society6 find that I’m always asked about when I post it on stories is this Cheetah Yoga Mat. It’s such a steal for a fun, printed mat. 


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