Wardrobe Basics: Why Every Woman Should Buy Men’s White T-Shirts

This is a $14 PSA for every woman out there: buy bulk packs of men’s white t-shirts. I’ll keep this post short and sweet but, basically, I’ve spent too many years wasting my money trying to find the elusive perfect white t-shirt.

Really, I’d say this relates to the pink tax, or the idea that women pay more for the same items that cost significantly less when branded for men. Women’s white t-shirts can run upwards of who-knows-how-much and no one even thinks twice about spending $30 on a white tee.

But, y’all, men are paying $14 for FIVE WHITE T-SHIRTS at once.

Why Every Woman Should Buy Men’s White T-Shirts

I first discovered these Men’s Fruit of the Loom white t-shirts while ordering a whole slew of white t-shirts from Target hoping for just one winner and expecting I’d pay somewhere in the $8-10 range for something that would last a season or so (still not a bad deal!).

Then, I spotted a 5-pack. “5 plain white tees? Hey, I’ll give it a try. I don’t need a fancy white t-shirt.”

My order came in and, no surprise, all the women’s white t-shirts were too snug or a weird material that would probably pill within minutes of putting it on.

But the men’s t-shirts. Those were the hands down winner. I ordered them in a small and, with a just ever so slightly boxy fit and a long length, they’re perfect for tucking in or knotting at the waist. I’ve worn them with leggings, jeans, skirts. No longer am I saving my white t-shirts hoping they’ll stay pristine — I’m wearing them because they go with everything and, at $2.80 a shirt, who cares if they don’t stay in perfect condition? I have 4 more to back it up.

So, take my word for it and stop wasting your money. Every woman should buy men’s white t-shirts and this Fruit of the Loom 5-pack for $14 has earned a permanent spot in my closet.


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