Choosing Guest Bedroom Wallpaper: Battle of the Blues

Choosing guest bedroom wallpaper was probably #1 on my list of things I was excited to tackle once we started seriously thinking about decorating and renovations at the river house. If I had my way, I’d certainly wallpaper multiple spaces but, alas, paint is cheaper and easier to change down the road — something I need to keep in mind since this is wildly different than my usual style. I’ve always had two competing aesthetic vibes — bold, eclectic, vintage-inspired and heavily black and white v. timeless, Southern, navy, and full of antiques. Obviously, option one won out in the condo. But, at the river, blue and white will reign supreme (but, don’t dare think this is going to be beachy) .

That being said, I don’t want to go too far into permanent decor choices, just in case I should change my mind.

Choosing Guest Bedroom Wallpaper

Existential decor dilemmas aside, here are the options we’re contemplating. I know I want something blue and relaxing and, at some point, I ran a toile by Adam and he’s set on it. The problem is: I also want to pick a repeat that isn’t going to be a complete pain for the installer or run up an extreme bill for me, either in actual product or manpower hours. It’s a big room, so I need to be prepared for a lot of wallpaper.

So, here’s what we’ve got so far. All are monochromatic blue prints, with varying degrees of vibrancy and busyness. All four could look great in a space, but which one is right for this space?


choosing guest bedroom wallpaper - blue bedroom wallpaper

Here’s the Guest Bedroom Wallpaper Plan

The room has awkward sloping ceilings, which are not consistent from side-to-side, so the question is whether we wallpaper over the entire ceiling, or just the angles and sides. There are several images in this article that make the entire wallpapered tunnel look amazing.

However…the question is: how many rolls will that take, not only in terms of literal square footage, but also accounting for angles? And, in a season when the supply chain is all kinds of crazy, can we get what we need? That could be the tipping factor, so stay tuned.


choosing guest bedroom wallpaper



  1. September 28, 2021 / 4:26 am

    I really think top left is your best option! I love toile but the repeats are a pain. Also, with the size of the room, it might be a little overwhelming! Definitely go for wallpapering everything!

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