Cold Brew on Tap: Wandering Bear Coffee Review + Discount Code

Head up before I get into this Wandering Bear Coffee review, I do have a discount code for y’all. You can get 10% off your order with code HMBIEN10.

There’s a coffee debate in my house. I like my coffee incredibly strong (okay, sometimes because I dilute it so much with flavor and milk), while Adam prefers his a little on the, ahem, lighter side (read: brown water at times).

And, given my love of strong coffee, it’s no surprise that I’m also a cold brew fan. There’s something about that bite from cold brew that you just can’t get with a regular old iced coffee. I have more than a few cold brew contraptions around the house, but sometimes it’s nice to just have it waiting in the fridge ready to go — no overnight steeping required.

Enter Wandering Bear Coffee. This New York-based coffee purveyor prides themselves on making incredibly strong, incredibly smooth coffee. When they offered to send me some to try, I gave an enthusiastic, yes! Now, a few months later, I’ve tried several varieties and I’m here to break it down for you.

Wandering Bear Coffee Review

Wandering Bear sources organically grown beans from Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru to make straight up black cold brew coffee. They do add flavors — mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel, but none of them have added sugar. Their products are available in recyclable single serve size, cartons, and cold brew boxes (coffee on tap, please), but you can also get the beans to make cold brew (or hot, take your pick!).

At this point, I’ve tried black, mocha, and caramel. To be honest, black is actually my favorite. It’s incredibly smooth — like don’t even add milk smooth. I drink it either on its own or I’ve been known to pour half a single serve carton in a smoothie with banana, almond milk, collagen, cacao powder, and a chia/flax mix for an afternoon snack.

These single serve cartons have become my go-to for all the road trips we’ve been making to Virginia and back. I just grab one and go. Right now, I have the cold brew box of caramel in my fridge and, TBH, it feels like the black hole of coffee because apparently 96 oz. goes a long way. It’s the best midday pick-me-up and it’s best straight up over ice.

So, would I recommend? 100%. While I do love having my cold brew gadgets, having this in the fridge ready to go for those weeks where I don’t have time to bother with overnight steeping is clutch. It’s as smooth as anything you’ll get in a coffee shop.

Also, for those who care, the copywriting on their website is top notch.


wandering bear coffee review - wandering bear cold brew review

How to Get a 10% Discount on Wandering Bear Coffee

Want to give Wandering Bear Coffee a try? You can get 10% off your coffee order with code HMBIEN10Disclaimer: I’ll get a small kickback when you place an order using my code!

And, even better news: they’ve expanded their workplace discount since more and more people are never going back to the office. You can now request a discount for your work from home workplace.


wandering bear coffee review - wandering bear cold brew review


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  1. September 24, 2021 / 12:11 pm

    Love great copy writing, and while I’m not a huge coffee drinker I’m sending this to my BFF who is!!

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