Fluff Co Pillow Review: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

I’m obsessed with making a comfortable bed, which is why I’m pumped to bring you this Fluff Co pillow review. One of my most-read posts ever is my duvet hack, so I know y’all are here for it. In an ideal world, we’re getting 8 hours of sleep a night (I said ideal), so being comfy matters. It’s worth researching and finding the best pillow for your sleep and here’s my two cents on what’s working for me now.

What is Fluff Co?

Fluff Co is a pillow and comforter company that aims to bring that incredible night of sleep you get in a hotel into your own home. They use only ethically sourced products and their down meets Responsible Down Standard certifications. Plus, the manufacturer they use is the same wholesale manufacturer as many hotel pillows, which is how they’re able to recreate that soft, supportive comfort you get on vacation.

Tip: they offer both free shipping and a 30-day guarantee!

fluff co pillow review

The Pillows I Tried

I tried two pillows so I could get the full experience of both the Down Alternative and the Down & Feather, as well as try out the Firm Fluff™ and the Soft Fluff™.

  • Down & Feather Soft Fluff™: This is a soft pillow with lots of give. They recommend this for back and stomach sleepers. Note: these are dry clean only.
  • Down Alternative Firm Fluff™: Made from vegan materials, the down alternative is designed to have the same feel as down, but without the feathers. The firm fluff has a high loft, plus support, and they recommend it for side sleepers. Note: these are machine washable.

Fluff Co Pillow Review: Here’s What I Thought

I was excited to try Fluff Co because Adam has been on a journey to find a pillow he likes but, unfortunately, he didn’t like either of the Fluff Co pillows. Take that with a grain of salt though, because I think we’ve tried a dozen pillows. I’m dealing with the prince and the pea here.

I, on the other hand, absolutely loved the Down Alternative Firm Fluff™. The Down & Feather Soft Fluff™ would be great for someone who prefers a softer pillow and I tend to use that as my under knee pillow (helps me sleep on my back, right?) since it squishes right into the shape I need. It’s also a great hugging pillow (yes, me, an anti-hugger needs to hug a pillow if I’m sleeping on my side!).

So here’s why I prefer the Down Alternative Firm Fluff™. I like to sleep with a firm pillow that has just enough give to cradle my head. I’m going for that J.Lo surround yourself in a pillow cocoon so you can’t move effect. The Firm Fluff does exactly that. I sink in, but don’t sink in, if that makes sense. It has both support and just a bit of give. I’ve officially converted from my previous pillow and am happily sleeping on this “hotel pillow” every night.

Fluff Co was so kind to send me these pillows to try! All opinions are my own and I’m so grateful to the brands that make this blog possible!

fluff co pillow review

fluff co pillow review


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